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IGNOU Diploma in Mechanical BME-050 : ENGINEERING MATERIALS June 2019 Question Paper

IGNOU Old Question Paper

No. of Printed Pages : 3 

Subject Code: BME-0501 



Term-End Examination, 2019 


Time : 2 Hours] ]Maximum Marks : 70 

Note : Question number one is compulsory. Attempt any four questions out of the remaining question number two to six. Use of calculater is permitted. 

1. Define any seven of the following : [7x2=14] 

(a) Fatigue strength and fatigue limit 

(b) Content of Cast-Iron 

(c) Classification of Lubricants 

(d) Anealing and Quenching 

(e) Corrosion Resistance 

(f) Powder Metallurgy 

(g) Alumina-silicate composite 

(h) Percentage elongation 

(i) Hardenability 

2. (a) What. is Creep ? Discuss the various stages of creep. Explain creep mechanism of metal. [7] 

(b) How is hardness measured ? Differentiate between Rock well hardness and Brinell hardness. [7] 

3. (a) What are different heat treatment processes used for steel processing ? [7] 

(b) What are the type of alloys ? Explain with the suitable range of alloying elements. [7] 

4. (a) How is residual stress induced in a solid ? [7] 

(b) Discuss properties of refractory materials. [7] 

5. (a) Differentiate between hot pressing and pyrolysis. [7] 

(b) What is plasticiser ? Discuss with examples. 

Which property of polymer is improved by addition of plasticiser ? [7] 

6. (a) What is the difference between viscosity and Viscosity Index. [7] 

(b) Define the term coating. What are the purposes of coatings ? 

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