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IGNOU B.Tech Civil ET-531(B) : SOIL SCIENCE June 2019 Question Paper

IGNOU Old Question Paper 

No. of Printed Pages : 3 



Term-End Examination, 2019 


Time : 3 Hours] 'Maximum Marks : 70 

Note : Attempt any five questions. Support your answers with neat sketches. All the questions carry equal marks. 

1. (a) Discuss the various factors affecting soil formation. [7] 

(b) What do you mean by Soil Structure ? Discuss the structural classification. [7] 

2. (a) Explain three phase volume and mass relationship of soil with the help of a schematic diagram. [7] 

(b) Describe the laws governing fluid flow in soil. [7] 

3. (a) Discuss the factors responsible for acidic soil formation. Write at least three effects of acidic soils. [7] 

(b) What are alluvial soils and how are they formed ? [7] 

4. (a) List essential plant nutrients. Discuss the basis for classifying a mineral nutrient to be primary, secondary or micro. [7] 

(b) Describe the stages in Indirect Land Evaluation with the help of a schematic diagram. [7] 

5. (a) Explain the symbols used in describing soil horizon and their respective meanings. [7] 

(b) Describe Symbiotic and Non-symbiotic nitrogen fixation in soils. [7] 

6. (a) Explain the organic matter decomposition and formation of humic substances in soil with the help of a neat sketch. [7] 

(b) Describe at least seven symptoms of plant disease. [7] 

Differentiate between the following : [4x3/2] 

(a) Active and Reserve acidity 

(b) Red soil and Lateritic soil 

(c) Manure and Fertiliser 

(d) Gravitational and total hydraulic heads 

8. Write short notes on the following : 

(a) Soil colour 

(b) Buffering 

(c) Soil Morphology 

(d) Carbon cycle [4 x 31/2] 

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