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Bharathidasan University M.Sc Computer Science COMPILER DESIGN Nov 2020 Question Paper

Bharathidasan University

S.No. 3740 


(For candidates admitted from 2011-2015 onwards)

M.Sc Degree Examination, Nov 2020.

Computer Science - Major


Time : Three Hours Maximum : 75 marks

PART A - ( 10×2=20)

Answer all questions

1. Differentiate compiler and interpreter.

2. Define tokens.

3. What are the four components of grammar?

4. Mention the types of LR Parser.

5. What is declaration?

6. What is backpatching?

7. What are the primary tasks of the generator?

8. Give the applications of DAG.

9. What is known as code motion?

10. What are the 2 strategies of storage allocation?

PART B - (5×5=25)

Answer all questions, choosing either (a) or (b)

11. a) Explain briefly about the working principle of hybrid compiler.


b) Write short note on Input Buffering.

12.a) Write short note on the following

i) syntax error handling

ii)Error recovery strategies


b) Explain briefly about the shift-reduce parsing.

13.a) Write short notes on 3 address code with examples.


b) Briefly discuss on one pass code generation using backpatching?

14.a) How to subdivide the run time memory into code and data areas?


b) Describe briefly on flowgraph with suitable basic block and it's flowgraph diagram.

15.a) Explain briefly about the data flow analysis.


b) Write short notes on storage allocation.

PART C - (3×10=30)

Answer any Three questions

16. Discuss the role of lexical analyzer in detail with neat diagram.

17. Explain in detail about top down parsing with suitable parse tree example.

18. Describe in detail the various three address code with example.

19. Discuss in detail about the various issues in the design of code generator.

20. Explain in detail about the optimization of building blocks with suitable examples.

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