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Bharathidasan University B.A English INDIAN WRITING IN ENGLISH – I April 2021 Question Paper

Bharathidasan University

S.No. 1698 RCCEN 8

(For candidates admitted from 2008-2015 onwards) 


Part III — English – Major 


Time : Three hours Maximum : 75 marks 

SECTION A — (20 marks) 

 Answer all objective questions : (10 × 1 = 10) 

1. Who among the following doesn’t acknowledge the might of Rama? 

 (a) Rakshasas (b) Danvas 

 (c) Demons (d) Beasts 

2. How many brides were asked to be brought by king Feroz? 

 (a) Eleven (b) Seven 

 (c) Seventeen (d) Four 

3. How does the Narrator describe his father in ‘‘The Night of the scorpion’’? 

 (a) Optimist (b) Pessimist 

 (c) Atheist (d) Rationalist 

4. Where does the key of the narrator go to sleep on coming home? 

 (a) in his palm (b) in his coat 

 (c) in his shirt pocket (d) on the table 

5. In which year did Lord Cornwallis invade Mysore? 

 (a) 1709 (b) 1980 

 (c) 1790 (d) 1917 

6. How much money was demanded by the English as indemnity from Tipu Sultan? 

 (a) Six lakhs (b) Sixty lakhs 

 (c) Six crores (d) Sixty crores 

7. Ignorance is death 

 (a) Awareness (b) Knowledge 

 (c) Experience(d) Education 

8. War has become an/a —————— instrument of politics 

 (a) Legitimate (b) Accepted 

 (c) Illegitimate (d) Profound 

9. Munoo was chased out of Babu Nathoo Ram’s how as he —————— Sheila. 

 (a) bet (b) bit 

 (c) stabbed (d) played with 

10. Who is not a character of the novel The Serpant and the Rope? 

 (a) Prathap (b) Mandeleine 

 (c) Savithri (d) Ganpath 

 Answer the following : (5 × 2 = 10) 

11. Why did the wind slip through the leaves in the poem ‘‘The Tiger and the Deer’’? 

12. How does the narrator return home in the poem ‘‘Home coming’’? 

13. How did the people react to the condition of the English to send Tipu’s sons as hostages? 

14. What is the famous essay of William James which talks about the substitute of war? 

15. In which year was ‘‘The Serpant and the Rope’’ published? 

SECTION B — (5 × 5 = 25) 

Answer ALL questions, choosing either (a) or (b). 

16. (a) What is the prayer of Tagore in the poem ‘‘Where the mind is without fear’’? 


 (b) What did Lakshman request Sita after tracing the magic circle? 

17. (a) Describe the river in Madurai during summer. 


 (b) What features of the ‘‘River’’ does the poets appreciate? 

18. (a) Make a note of Tipu Sultan’s thoughts before sending his sons as hostages. 


 (b) What did Tipu and Poornaiya talk about Cornwallis being appointed as the new Governor general? 

19. (a) Define the idea of physical help according to Vivekanda. 


 (b) How to attain international peace? 

20. (a) Describe the stay of Munoo at Prabhu’s house. 


 (b) Elaborate on the relationship between Rama and Mandeleine. 

SECTION C — (3 × 10 = 30) 

Answer ALL questions, choosing either (a) or (b). 

21. (a) How did the Queen find her rival in the poem ‘‘The Queen’s Rival’’? 


 (b) Critically analyse the poem ‘‘The Night of the Scorpion’’. 

22. (a) List out the incidents leading to the defeat of Tipu Sultan. 


 (b) How to make people free from miseries according to Vivekanandha? 

23. (a) Discuss Coolie as an adventurous novel. 


 (b) Explain about the identity crisis and cultural conflict affecting Rama’s married life. 


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