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Alagappa University MBA MANAGEMENT CONCEPTS April 2021 Question Paper

Alagappa University Old Question Paper

S.No:5069 P8MBA1

(For candidates admitted from 2008-2015 Batch)


Business Administration


Time:3 hrs Maximum Marks: 75

SECTION A – (5 x 5 = 25 MARKS)

ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS, Choosing either (a) or (b)

1. (a) Examine the impact of Hawthorne experiments.


(b) Bring out the scope and functions of Management.

2. (a) What is planning premises? State its components.


(b) Distinguish between strategic planning and tactical planning.

3. (a) What do you understand by span of Management?


(b) Examine the factors to be considered for the amount of decentralization used in an organization.

4. (a) Differentiate between Human Resource Planning and recruitment with examples.


(b) Explain the communication process.

5. (a) Elucidate the concept of Bench Marking”. Explain its applications.


(b) Describe the basic steps in the control process. 


SECTION B – (5 x 10 = 50)

ANSWER ALL THE QUESTIONS, Choosing either (a) or (b)

6. (a) Mention the contribution of F.W.Taylor to the management. 


(b) Examine the contributions in principles of management developed by Henri Fayol.

7. (a) What are the various steps involved in planning? Explain.


(b) “Decision making is the primary task of a manager” - Comment.

8. (a) What is departmentation? List out the different types of departmentation.


(b) Compare and contrast between centralization and decentralization. State their pros and 


09. (a) Define motivation. Enumerate the Maslow’s theory of motivation.


(b) What are the various components of staffing?

10.(a) Explain the basic steps in the control process. Illustrate with real life examples.


 (b) What are the various tools and techniques have been used to control the activities in an  Organization?


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