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University of Madras Indian Writing in English April 2016 Question Paper

Madras University Previous Years Old Question Papers

APRIL 2016 71014/ARA5B

Subject Code: ARA5B


Time : Three hours Maximum : 75 marks

SECTION A — (20 marks)

Answer any TEN questions in 30 words each.

 (10 x 2 = 20)

1. How should one work?

2. Which is the greatest physical help?

3. Who were the sweet companions of Toru Dutt?

4. How is the mourning song that Toru Dutt hears?

5. To what does Parthasarathy compare the modern Indian culture?

6. What does Mahapatra project in the poem ‘Hunger’?

7. What does Kamala Das say about her use of the English language?

8. What do the sons-in-law of the great house do?

9. Why is Rani called so?

10. Who is Kurudavva?

11. What does Kanthapura symbolise?

12. Name the prominent members of the non-Brahmin community in Kanthapura.

SECTION B — (25 marks)

Answer any FIVE questions in 200 words each.

 (5 x 5 = 25)

13. What are Vivekananda's view on self-discipline?

14. How are the palanquin bearers described by the poet?

15. Bring out the satirical elements in the poem ‘Goodbye party to Miss Puspha T.S’.

16. Analyse Kamala Das' powerful plea for her use of the English language.

17. Elaborate on the theme of the poem ‘Small -Scale Reflections on a Great House’.

18. What is the significance of Kurudavva's story?

19. Analyse the character and role of waterfall Venkamma. 

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