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AT6702 Vehicle Maintenance Nov Dec 2017 Question Paper

Are you looking for AT6702 Vehicle Maintenance Old Question Papers conducted by Anna University Chennai? You will get here all previous years questions here. The subject AT6702 Vehicle Maintenance comes under 7th Semester Automobile Engineering under Anna University Chennai. If you are faculty or students seeking the past years old question paper for AT6702 Vehicle Maintenance, then this is the right place to get it. See details below and download your question paper which is for recent Nov Dec 2017 examinations from Anna University Chennai.

Question Paper Code: 50133
Anna University Chennai
Seventh Semester
Automobile Engineering
AT6702 Vehicle Maintenance
Regulation 2013
Time : Three Hours
Maximum: 100 Marks

Answer ALL questions
Part A (10 x 2 = 20 marks)
1. What are the classifications of maintenance work ?
2. What are the objectives of vehicle insurance ?
3. List out the various causes for engine to overheat.
4. What are the emissions are involved in the DI exhaust system ?
5. What is the function of sliding yoke in propeller shaft ?
6. Mention the name of the parts in the differential unit.
7. What is the preventive maintenance required for leaf spring system?
8 Differentiate recirculate brill steering and worm type steering system.
9. What are the causes for slow cranking in starter motor ?
10. List the functions of condenser and evaporator air conditioning system

PART - B (5 x 16 = 80 Marks)
11. (a) Explain in details with neat sketch various types of tools and special tools that are used in an Automobile shop
(b) Discuss the various inspections and. maintenance to be carried. out for daily, weekly and monthly checkup of automobile (Truck) and explain the necessity for the same

12. a) What are the common troubles encountered in the lubricating system of SI and DI engine ? State the possible causes and remedies.
b) What are the causes of diesel smoke ? Discuss the different methods of controlling diesel smoke.

13. a) Describe in detail the various troubles and their causes in an automotive clutches. Also suggest the remedies for these troubles.
b) Discuss in detail the various rear axle faults along with their causes and remedies, which are likely to occur during operation

14. a) i) Discuss various factors of wheel alignment with suitable examples. (10)
ii) Describe the procedure to balance a wheel dynamically. (6)
b) Discuss various types of troubles in connection with automobile tyres and how to improve life of the tyre.

15. a) What is the function of battery ? Explain the different testing methods for battery.
b) Discuss about tinkering, soldering, polishing and painting process for the automotive bodies

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