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Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Avadh University B.Sc Botany Paper I 2015 Question Paper

Are you searching for Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Avadh University Old Question Papers? Here is a question paper titled B.Sc Botany Paper I Diversity of Angiosperms: Systematics, Development and reproduction. This question paper was asked in the year 2015. Use this question paper for your upcoming exams.

Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Avadh University Question Paper
B.Sc. (Part II) Examination, 2015
Paper I
(Diversity of Angiosperms: Systematics, Development and reproduction)
Time allowed: Three Hours
Max. Marks: 50
Note: Attempt all the question as per given instructions.

Section- A
(Very Short Answer Type Questions)
Note: Attempt all the questions. Give answer of each question in about 50 words. 1*10=10

i) Bionomial Nomenclature
ii) Gamopetalae
iii) Define parthenogenesis
iv) Give the name of the elements of xylem and phloem
v) Give short description of periderm
vi) Endosperms
vii) P Maheshwari
viii) Apical meristem
ix) Botanical Survey of India(BSI)
x) Capitulum

Section B
(Short Answer Type Questions)
Note: Attempt all the questions. Give answer of each question in about 200 words. 5*5=25

Q2- Describes family cucurbitaceae.
Describe anatomical differences in a dicot and monocot stem of Angiosperm with the help of diagram.

Q3- Discuss the floral structure, floral diagram and floral formula of family Solanaceae and Apocynaceae.
What is cambium? Discuss its function and anomalies in stems.

Q4- Describe male gametophyte of angiosperms.
Give an account of anomalous secondary growth of any climbing plant studied by you.

Q5- Write short notes of the following:
i) Fertilization
ii) Anatropous ovule
i) Phyllodes
ii) Cladodes

Q6- Distinguish between the following:
i- Asteraceae and Rubiaceae
ii- Poaceae and Liliaceae
i- Malvaceae and Ranunculaceae
ii- Rosaceae and Rutaceae

Section C

(Long Answer Type Questions)
Note: Attempt all the questions. Give answer of each question in about 500 words. 2*7.5=15

Q7- Give main features of the classification proposed by Bentham and Hooker. Discuss merits and demerits of the classification.

Q8- Describe the preparation, preservation and Importance of herbarium. What will be the contribution of it in the taxonomy of angiosperms?

Q9- Draw labeled diagrams of T.S. Vanda root and T.S. of a dorsiventral leaf of a dicot plant.

Q10- Describe the method of fertilization in flowering plants and subsequent changes in ovule after fertilization.

Q11- describe the development of dicot embryo. Compare it with monocot embryo. 
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