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CS6702 Graph Theory and Applications Nov Dec 2017 Important Questions

Anna University Chennai - Important Questions of CS6702 Graph Theory and Applications
07th Semester
Department of Computer Science Engineering (CSE)
CS6702 Graph Theory and Applications
Nov Dec 2017 Important Questions
(Regulation 2013)

CS6702 Graph Theory and Applications - All Important 02 marks 13 Marks and 15Marks Questions are available below.

Unit 1:
1. Define fundamental numbers for a complete graph K5 (2 marks)
2. Show that a Hamiltonian path is a spanning tree. (2 marks)
3. Define a complete graph (2 marks)
4. i) In a complete graph having odd number of vertices, how many edge disjoint Hamiltonian circuits exist? Explain (6)
ii) State the two theorems to check if a connected graph G is Eulerian. Explain with proof (6)
iii) Find a path of length 9 and a circuit of length 8 in the Peterson graph (4)
5. i) Define isomorphism of graphs. Show that no two of the following three graphs a shown in figure are isomorphic. (8 marks)
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