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CE6703 Water Resources and Irrigation Engineering Nov Dec 2017 Important Questions

Searching for Anna University CE6703 Water Resources and Irrigation Engineering April May 2017 Important Questions ? Then you are in the right place to collect important questions for this subject CE6703 Water Resources and Irrigation Engineering . You are required to prepare well the following questions to attend the coming Nov Dec 2017 exams. However, there is no guarantee that these questions will appear in the university examinations being conducted by Anna University Chennai.

CE6703 Water Resources and Irrigation Engineering Nov Dec 2017 Anna University B.E Civil Engineering 7th Semester Important Questions 

Anna University Chennai Important Questions
B.E / B.Tech Degree Examination, November / December 2017
Seventh Semester
Civil Engineering
CE6703 - Water Resources and Irrigation Engineering
(Regulation 2013)
Time: Three Hours
Maximum: 100 marks

Part - A

  1. Define Meteorology
  2. What are the uses of socio-economic data in water resource planning?
  3. Differentiate b/w consumptive and non – consumptive use of water.
  4. Differentiate b/w single and multipurpose reservoir
  5. Describe about Water Resources in India and Tamil Nadu.
  6. Discuss the term Reservoir operation
  7. How will you estimate the quantity of water consumed?
  8. List out the formula for estimating flood peak based on area.
  9. Write down the steps for Water Resources planning
  10. Define National Water policy
  11. List out the factors affecting the consumptive use of water.
  12. Define water budget. 
  13. List out any 4 important river basins in India
  14. Differentiate between National Water policy (1987) and National Water policy (2002)?
  15. Distinguish b/w consumptive use and Delta 
  16. Describe about basin.
  17. How Drought Prone Area will be developed?
  18. Classify the contents of Master Plan.
  19. Identify the purpose of Master Plan? Explain
  20. List out the Factors Affecting consumptive uses of water?
  21. Define delta of a crop and crop ratio.
  22. What are the different types of duty and their units?
  23. Discuss about the consumptive use of Water.
  24. Differentiate b/w kharif crops & rabi crops?
  25. Classify the types of canal escapes.
  26. List the functions of canal head regulator.
  27. Write the classification of canals.
  28. Write the basis on which the dams are classified.
  29. Enumerate any two disadvantages of canal lining.
  30. What is meant by canal escape?
  31. Enumerate the possible disadvantages of earth dam
  32. Define irrigation.
  33. What is meant by tank irrigation?
  34. When Micro irrigation technique is adopted?
  35. What does the term turnover means in irrigation management?
  36. Define participatory irrigation management.
  37. What is lift irrigation? 
Part - B
  1. What are the various types of data required for water resources planning and development? Explain in detail.
  2. How will you fix the capacity of reservoir? Explain.
  3. How water requirement for drinking purpose is estimated? Discuss.
  4. What are the flood control methods? Explain
  5. Differentiate between single and multipurpose reservoir.
  6. Distinguish between structural and nonstructural measures for flood control.
  7. Briefly explain about water resources in India and Tamil Nadu.
  8. Discuss in detail about the water quality standards for irrigation and drinking water purpose.
  9. Illustrate the importance of design flood in the design of levees and flood walls.
  10. What is the Necessity of National Water Policy? Explain
  11. Define Master Plan in water resources? Explain the scope and aims in detail.
  12. What are the different equations for determination of consumptive use? Briefly explain it.
  13. What is the concept of basin as a unit for development?
  14. Discuss the points about water allocation priorities in National Water Policy.
  15. Write briefly about water budget and its development plan.
  16. Classify the different characteristics of water? Briefly discuss about it?
  17. Explain the water characteristics to be investigated?
  18. After how many days will you supply water to a clay loam soil in order to ensure efficient irrigation of the given crop, if (a) Field capacity of the soil is 27% (b) Permanent wilting point is 14% (c) Density of soil is 1.5gm/cc (d) Effective depth of root zone is 75cm and (e) Daily consumption use of water for the give crop is 11mm 
  19. With a neat sketch, explain the modes of applying water to Crops.
  20. (i) Describe the necessity of irrigation in India. (8) (ii) Write the benefits and ill effects of irrigation. (8)
  21. Illustrate the methods to measure the consumptive use of water? explain
  22. 12. Briefly give a short note on: (i) Duty (ii) Delta (iii) Base Period (iv) Crop Period (v) Crop Ratio
  23. Explain in detail about irrigation efficiencies
  24. Explain the Necessity and scope of Irrigation in India and List out some of the major water resources in India?
  25. What are canal outlets? Explain it with neat sketches.
  26. Describe in detail about the component parts of diversion works.
  27. Distinguish between Aqueduct and super passage.
  28. Briefly explain the cross drainage works.
  29. (i) Summarize about the forces acting in a gravity dam. (ii) Discuss about the modes of failures in a gravity dam
  30. What are the various types of irrigation? Explain in detail.
  31. How will you format irrigation scheduling? Explain.
  32. What kinds of participation are necessary for irrigation management activities?
  33. Write in detail about i) lift irrigation and ii) tank irrigation.
  34. Distinguish between Surface, Sub-surface and micro irrigation methods.
  35. Discuss about the favorable conditions for sub-surface irrigation.
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