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Importance of previous year question papers in exams

In the modern world, students pursuing different courses are exposed to exams of competitive nature like JEE Exam on a regular basis. Most of the aspirants are pursuit of the ideal strategy to crack the exams and hence tries different approaches to approach the exam in the best possible manner. One of the time tested strategies to crack the exam is to attempt previous year question papers. From our own witnessed experiences, past question papers have been nothing short of a blessing due to the below mentioned reasons:

Exposure to exam questions and Examiner’s Perspective: While attempting the past question papers, one thing you might have realized is that you would have started to pick the perspective of the examiner in various ways. Rather than writing what you know, you will have to craft the answer to match the examiner’s expectations.

Understand how an ideal answer would look like:  Most booklet of past question papers would have answers provided with them to give you an idea of how an ideal answer would look like. These answers would be the benchmark for students to follow suit. Practicing with these answers would make you a master in writing answers without much thinking while catering to the examiner’s viewpoint.

Helps you to manage time smartly:
Students often complain about the lack of time while they write a challenging exam. The problem could be attributed to the lack of practice with past year questions. Doing the same would help students to prioritize attempting questions according to their level of difficulty viz. easy medium and hard.

Provides Direction for Revision:
After working with last year practice questions, you would be able to know the major sections from which most questions are drawn for drafting the question paper. Thus a sense of purpose or direction comes to your exam preparations.

More focus on topics with higher weight age:
While preparing for the exams, it is the natural tendency among students to give importance to the topics from NCERT books and so on which has the higher weightage of marks. Practicing with the earlier question papers gives students an edge against their competitors.

From the above discussion, it could be stated without doubt that past question papers would be helpful in taking the aspirants preparation to an advanced level.  This is the sole reason why they have been used by students everywhere and would be used extensively in future.

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