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Top 5 Mantras to Crack IITJEE 2017

5 Mantras to Crack IITJEE 2017

IIT, NIT, IIIT are arguably the most esteemed institutions for students seeking admissions into engineering courses. Every year lakhs of students aspiring to be a part of these institutions take the Joint Entrance Examination popularly known as JEE. The examination is held in two stages.

  • JEE Main
  • JEE Advanced
JEE Main 2017 will be held on Sunday, April 2nd, 2017 and JEE Advanced 2017 will be held on Sunday, May 21st, 2017. The JEE Main 2017 is being conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education whereas IIT Madras is the Institute responsible for conducting JEE Advanced 2017.
There is no ideal procedure for preparing the IITJEE exam. The way a student prepares for JEE may not be fruitful for the other. It is advised to make a list of your strengths and weaknesses before setting a protocol for yourself. Some of the key points that are common and can be considered requisite for everyone are listed below. You should try to inculcate these points into your daily routine.

The time lost is never found again

The IIT JEE syllabus is vast and the preparation time spans for 2-3 years for any candidate. This leaves the candidates to cover a lot of syllabus in very less time. In such a crunch, every day should be spent wisely. Before starting the preparation, one must decide targets and set a routine a week in advance directed towards the target. All the three subjects i.e. Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry are equally important since they carry equal weightage in JEE examination. Also, all the topics have individual cut offs, therefore, it is advised to allocate equal time to each of the subjects. Also, as the saying goes “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy,” so, some amount of time is required to be allotted to recreational activity every day, to remain in a healthy state of mind. Wasting time on the social network and TV is the biggest blunder. Not only do you lose your time and go behind schedule, but the habit also becomes an addiction and coming out of it becomes tough thus zeroing all the effort you have made till date.

Every battle is first won in the mind

IIT JEE is one of the toughest examinations and any candidate appearing for it goes through a lot of pressure. Apart from the pressure the peers, the family and the society endows upon them; there is a battle they have to fight within. In such a state of emotional exigency, you should remember that the rank holders are students like you and do not have any unique quality that you do not have. With perseverance and hard work you too can achieve the same fate. Apart from this, as you know, the questions that appear in the IIT JEE question paper require an enormous amount of thinking and aptitude, apart from the basic concepts of the subjects, a healthy and active state of mind is very important for you to understand the question before attempting it. Having a positive attitude is not a thing you can choose, it is only by doing the right thing at the right time without procrastination can you have a positive attitude towards things. Before starting your preparation, you must make a schedule and try your best to stick to it. Choosing the right company is also critical, as you tend to inculcate the habits of people you work around.

Pick a weapon and learn to fight

With so many topics in hand and so much practice to do, it is advised to select the study material and the practice tests with great caution. Before starting the preparation, you must choose the reference books and practice material apart from the test series for mock tests. If you plan to take assistance in the form of coaching and tuitions, you must discuss it with your seniors as the pattern followed in the tuitions may not agree with the way you plan to proceed. Choosing the right mentor is also very important, as, throughout your journey, you will seek their guidance and motivation. Once you have decided which set of books to refer to, which test series to appear for and which one to request guidance from, you should stick to it and stop looking for other sources.

Divide and conquer

The time you allot to any topic can be divided into three stages, the pre-work, the practice and the post work. The pre-work includes gaining an overall idea of what the topic covers, the crux points per say. While doing the pre-work, you can jot down the topics being covered, the laws discussed, the connection between the topics and the point where it leads you to. After knowing the domain of the topic, you can move to gaining an understanding of the concepts dealt and further practice questions in the same. While doing so, you can mark the questions as per their level of difficulty so that once you go back to these topics, you can decide which part to focus more on. Post the practice stage; there is a need to retain what you have learned. You should go back to the topic a week after you close it. This will help you revise the concepts, and you may come across points you had missed the practice. Make short notes for topics having facts and formulae and go through it when you are taking a bus to school to enjoying a stroll in the evening. A quick revision of what you have learned all day, at the end of the day is also advised, as five minutes of revision can save you three hours of labor later.

A sound mind lies in a sound body

The neck to neck competition with your peers and the expectations of your loved ones may lead you to a quandary where you may tend to ignore your health to focus more on your studies. But this could be one of the biggest mistakes you make. If you wish to work with optimal efficiency, you must pay equal attention to the needs of your body and mind. Meditation and yoga have been considered to be one of the best ways to relax and orient your thoughts. Apart from this choosing a physical activity or half an hour of exercise every day is advised. You must maintain a healthy diet and must never skip meals.  A healthy sleep cycle with minimum 6 hours of sleep is also imperative. Fooling sleep and skipping meals can have a bigger impact that you can imagine as the state of the body controls the state of mind.
With these tips, IITJEE 2017 can be a cake walk
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