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RGPV AU-603 Automotive Electrical and Electronics Dec 2013 Question Paper

RGPV Bhopal Previous Question Paper
AU - 603
B.E. VI Semester
Examination, December 2013
Automotive Electrical and Electronics
Time : Three Hours
Maximum Marks : 70
Note: Attempt one question from each unit. All questions carry equal marks.
Unit - I
1. a) Describe the various troubles, causes and there remedies of battery in tabular form.
 b) Explain six parts of lead acid battery with the help of neat sketch.
2. a) Explain type of battery rating used in selection of battery.
b) Explain working ofelectric drive vehicle with the help of neat sketch.
Unit -II
3. Describe with the help of neat sketch construction and working of alternator.
4. What is the need of starting system? Explain construction and working of starter motor.
Unit -III
5. a) Write a short note on
 i) Electric door locks ii) Wind shield wiper
b) Describe with the help of neat sketch the Lucas-TVS Horn.
6. a) Describe with the help of neat sketch working of balancing coil type of fuel gauge.
b) Describe with the help of neat diagram the working of thermostatic type of temperature
7. Explain the principle, construction and working of oxygen sensor.
8. Write a short note on : i) MAP sensor ii) RPM sensor iii) Temperature sensor iv) IPS
Unit - V
9. Explain Robert Bosh gasoline fuel injection system with the help of neat sketch.
10. Name type of solid state ignition system. Explain any one with the help of neat sketch.
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