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Punjab University B.A Home Science 2012 Question Paper

Punjab University Question Paper B.A Home Science
B.A. Part-II

Time Allowed:Three Hours Maximum Marks: 40
Note: (i) Attempt 5 ques. in all.
(ii) Attempt 1 ques. from parts A,B,C and D.
(iii) Section-E is compulsory.


1.Explain the cutting equipments used in Clothing Construction.How will you take care of them ?[Marks 8]

2.Write the causes and remedies of the subsequent machine defects:
(i) Thread Breaking
(ii) Puckering of fabric
(iii) Uneven stitching
(iv) Machine making noises.[Marks 4x2=8]

3. What all measurements are needed for the construction of Jacket and Trousers ?What precautions will be taken while these measurements? [Marks 8]
4. Define trend making.What all designs can be created through trend making ? discuss with illustrations. [Marks 8]

5. Explain various Colour Harmonies used in Textile Designing and Garment Designing.[Marks 8]
6. With illustrations, discuss the design principles, which can enhance the appearance of the garment.[Marks 8]

7. Explain the special needs needed in infant clothing.[Marks 8]
8. How will you take care and store silk and woolen garments? [Marks 8]

SECTION-E (Compulsory Question)
9. Comment on the following:
(i) Lines create illusions.
(ii) Emphasis for defective figures.
(iii) Advantage of draping.
(iv) Purpose of feed dog.
(v) Define landmarks.
(vi) List the accessories of sewing machine.
(vii) Community and culture affect the clothing options.
(viii) Effect of fashion on Adolescent clothing.[Marks 8x1=8] 
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