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ME6010 Robotics Nov Dec 2016 Important Questions

Important questions / expected questions for Nov Dec 2016 ME6010 Robotics examinations conducting by Anna University Chennai
07th Semester / VII Semester / IV Year
Mechanical Engineering
ME6010 Robotics
(Regulation 2013)
Nov Dec 2016 Important Questions

Important 16 Marks / Part B Questions (All five units) are listed for ME6010 Robotics Subject

1. (i) Describe the robotics wrist and indicate wrist pitch, wrist yaw and wrist roll. (8)
 (ii) Explain robot parts and their functions with neat sketch (8)
2. Briefly explain the different types of robots. (16)
3. Describe the various control systems of Robot with the circuit diagram (16)
4. (i) Illustrate about the need of a Robot? (8)
 (ii) Discuss how the robots are applied in inspection work (8)
5. Illustrate with neat sketch about the basic robot motions. (16)
6. Explain Electric Actuators system with neat sketch. (16)
7. (i) Illustrate Pneumatic actuators system with neat sketch. (8)
 (ii) Illustrate hydraulic actuators system with neat sketch (8)
8.  Discuss various consideration for selection of grippers in robots (16)
9. Discuss the salient features, capabilities, application merits and limitations of non servo and servo controlled Robots. (16)
10. Explain with neat sketch about following
 (i) AC servo motors (8)
 (ii) DC servo motors (8)
11. (i)What do you mean by robot vision? Explain (8)
 (ii)Explain and compare various lighting techniques used in machine vision (8)
12. What is tactile sensor? Explain any four types with its practical application. (16)
13. Describe the working principle of position sensors with neat sketch. (16)
14. Write notes on (a) Thresholding (b) Edge detection (c) Object recognition (d) Smoothing
15. Explain the various techniques in Image Processing and Analysis. (16)
16. (i) Write about sensors and end effectors commands (8)
 (ii) Differentiate forward and reverse transformation with example (8)
17. Classify various programming languages used computer controlled robots (16)
18. Explain the function of an inverse kinematics algorithm (16)
19.  Write a palletizing program to pick the parts from input chute and place them on a pallet with 24 positions. (16) 
20. Describe the teach pendant for Robot system (16)
21. (i) Explain the economic analysis of the robot using EUAC method (8)
 (ii) Explain in detail safety sensors and safety monitoring of robots. (8)
22. Classify the AGV and RGV types of robots in detail. (16)
23. Describe the Workplace design consideration for safety of Robots in detail (16)
24.  Suppose the total investment on the robot is estimated to be Rs.500, 00. There is one shift operation of 2000 hours and 1 man replaced. Assuming labor rate inducing direct overheads to be Rs.80/hour, robot running costs including maintenance and depreciation to be Rs 100000 and added value of increased output be Rs.120000 determine the payback period. (16).
25. Describe in detail about control and safe guarding personal in robot. (16).

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