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EC6703 Embedded and Real Time Systems Nov Dec 2016 Important Questions

Important questions / expected questions for Nov Dec 2016 EC6703 Embedded and Real Time Systems examinations conducting by Anna University Chennai
07th Semester / VII Semester / IV Year
Electronics and Communication Engineering
EC6703 Embedded and Real Time Systems
(Regulation 2013)
Nov Dec 2016 Important Questions

Important 16 Marks / Part B Questions (All five units) are listed for EC6703 Embedded and Real Time Systems Subject

1. i) What are the parameters to be considered while designing an Embedded System Process? (8)
ii) State the importance of Structural and Behavioral description in detail. (8)

2. i) Mention the major levels of abstraction in design process for GPS moving map. (8)
ii) Write down the major operations and data flows of a GPS moving map and draw its Architecture. (8)

3. (i) Explain in detail about the characteristics of embedded computing applications .(8)
(ii) Explain in detail about supervisor mode, exception and traps. (8)

4. (i) Explain about caches and memory management units. (10)
(ii) Analyze the concept of Pipelining. (6)

5. i) Demonstrate the operation of ARM processor. (8)
ii) Illustrate the advanced features of ARM Processor and explain (8)

6. Describe about Memory devices with suitable examples. (16)

7. i) Discuss how component interfacing is done in embedded system in detail. (6)
ii) Describe the development environment of an embedded system with suitable diagram? (10)

8. (i) Elaborate briefly about Assembly and Linking. (10)
 (ii) Investigate the importance of program Validation and testing? (6)

9. (i) Describe need for ICE, JTAG for embedded system development. (12)
(ii) Summarize the advantage of vectored addressing of stack? (4)

10. What do you mean by memory system interface with CPU? Explain with examples. (16)

11. i) Compare RMS versus EDF. (8)
ii) Explain about Windows CE with a neat diagram. (8)

12. i) Outline about priority based scheduling in detail. (8)
ii) Explain with the help of an example that the knowledge of data dependencies can help use the CPU more efficiently. (8)

13. Describe in detail about the inter process communication mechanism
(i) Shared Memory communication (4)
(ii) Message passing (4)
(iii) Signals (4)
(iv) Mailboxes (4)

14. (i) Enumerate why an automobile engine requires multirate control (4)
 (ii) Recall the performance of the Earliest – Deadline – First scheduling with other scheduling algorithms with suitable example. (12)

15. (i) Mention in detail about Shared Resources. (8)
(ii) Recognize the ARM atomic read/write operation in detail with the help of an example (8)

16. Explain in detail about
i) MPSoCs (8)
ii) Shared memory multiprocessor. (8)

17. Discuss in detail about
i) CAN Bus. (8)
ii) I^2C Bus. (8)

18. i)With a neat diagram, describe the typical bus transactions on the I^2 C Protocol. (8)
ii) Discuss the role of distributed embedded architecture available for embedded systems. (8)

19. (i) State in detail about CAN bus protocol and Ethernet with necessary diagrams? (8)
 (ii) List the characteristics of high performance embedded platforms which act as heterogeneous multiprocessors.

20.  i) Justify how Poor Specifications can lead to Poor Quality Code. (8)
ii) Evaluate whether the aspects of a Poorly constructed specification necessarily lead to Bad Software. (8)

21. Evaluate in detail the principle operation of software modem. (16)

22. List the features of PDA and data compressor in detail. (16)

23. Demonstrate in detail about Design Example of Alarm Clock? (16)

24. Briefly Explain the working of audio player in detail. (16)

25. How will you design a application for Automatic chocolate vending machine in detail (16)

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