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PH6251 Engineering Physics-II Nov Dec 2016 Important Questions

Important questions / expected questions for Nov Dec 2016 PH6251 Engineering Physics-II examinations conducting by Anna University Chennai
02nd Semester / Second Semester / 01st Year
Common to ALL branches
PH6251 Engineering Physics-II
(Regulation 2013)
Nov Dec 2016 Important Questions

Important 16 Marks Questions (All five units) are listed for PH6251 Engineering Physics-II Subject

1. Deduce a mathematical expression for electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity of a conducting material and hence obtain Wiedemann – Franz Law. (16)

2. Derive an expression for the density of energy states and their carrier concentration in a solid material by using the Fermi distribution function. Show that at the same temperature, the average energy of the electron is (3/5)th of the Fermi energy (16)

3. Write the postulates of classical free electron theory. (16)

4. Write Fermi-Dirac distribution function .Explain how Fermi function varies with temperature?

5. Sodium metal with a BCC stucture has two atoms per unit cell. The radius of sodium atom is 1.85A⁰. Calculate its electrical resistivity at 0 deg. Celsius, if the classical value of mean free time at this temperature Is 3 x10^-14 s

6. Derive an expression for density of electrons in conduction band and holes in valence band and hence obtain the expression for the carrier concentration in an intrinsic semi conductor. (16)

7. Explain the theory of Hall effect and determination of Hall co-efficient, carrier concentration and mobility of charge carriers of a semi conductor. List out the applications of Hall effect. (16)

8. Classify and explain the various types of magnetic materials

9. Explain the domain theory of Ferro magnetism. Using that how will you explain the properties of Ferro magnetic materials?

10. Draw a B-H curve for a Ferro magnetic material and identify retentivity and coercitive field on the curve. (8)

11. What are hard and Soft magnetic materials compare their properties Give example. (8)

12. Describe about High Tc superconductor with examples.(8)

13. Describe the properties of superconductors. (16)

14. Discuss the following applications of superconductors.(i) SQUID (ii) Cryotron (iii) Magnetic Levitation. (16)

15. What are ferrites? Explain the stucture of ferrites and write down its various applications (16)

16. Discuss in detail the various dielectric breakdown mechanisms. (8)

17. What is meant by local field in a dielectric and how is it calculated for a cubic structure? Deduce the Clausius-Mosotti equation. (16)

18. Derive an expression for the electronic and ionic polarizabilities (8+8)

18. Explain the different types of polarization mechanisms involved in a dielectric material. (16)

19. Briefly explain the effects of frequency and Temperature on polarisation of dielectrics. (8)

20. Give detailed account on metallic glasses their method of production, types, properties and applications. (16)

21. Give detailed account on shape memory alloys their types, characteristics and applications. (16)

22. Explain pulsed laser deposition and chemical vapour deposition techniques used to prepare nano phase materials. (16)

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