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MG6851 Principles of Management Nov Dec 2016 Important Questions

Important questions for Nov Dec 2016 MG6851 Principles of Management POM examinations conducting by Anna University Chennai
08th Semester / IV Year
Department of Mechanical Engineering
MG6851 Principles of Management POM
(Regulation 2013)
Nov Dec 2016 Important Questions

Important 16 Marks Questions with answers (All five units) are listed for MG6851 Principles of Management POM subject

1. How would you describe the various functions of management?
2. How would you summarize the concepts of scientific management?
3. How would you show your understanding of 14 principles of management?\
4. Evaluate System approach & Contingency Approach.
5. List the public and private sector enterprises. What are the different skills required by managers?
6. (i) How would you understanding on the various steps in planning?
(ii) Categorize the types of plans.
7. What are the different types of strategies?
8. i) What approach would you use for decision making in different conditions.
ii) Classify the decision making techniques
9. Outline the process of MBO
10. i) Explain the steps involved in strategic planning process.
ii) Identify the principles of planning
11. How would you describe the various organizational structures?
12. Delegation is the ability to get result through others. Develop guidelines for effective delegation.
13. i) How would you use the concept of decentralization in an organization ?
ii) Compare line and staff organization
14. Evaluate the various performance appraisal techniques.
15. List the steps involved in selection process
16. Explain the process of communication and IT.
17. Compare X and Y Theory and Maslow's theory with Herzberg's theory
18. i) How would you develop creativity in organizations?
ii) What are the parts or features of Motivational Techniques?
19. Discuss the various types of communications and its benefits
20. Examine the various types of leadership styles
21. What is control? Discuss the phases in control.
22. Identify the steps involved in controlling and requirements for effective control.
23. How will you evaluate the importance of operations research in managing organization?
24. i) How would you show your understanding about Productivity problems and Management
ii) Can you make a distinction between PERT and CPM.
25. Explain the popular non budgetary techniques with special referred to break even and ratio analysis?

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