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ME6501 Computer Aided Design May June 2016 Previous Question Paper

Anna University Chennai B.E Mechanical 05th Semester ME6501 Computer Aided Design May June 2016 Past Exam Paper Free Download

Anna University Chennai
Question Paper Code: 57559
Fifth Semester
Mechanical Engineering
ME6501 Computer Aided Design
(Regulations 2013)
Time: Three Hours
Maximum: 100 Marks
Question Paper Type: Past Exam Papers
Answer ALL questions.
PART A - (10 x 2 = 20 marks)
1. List the various stages in the life cycle of a product.
2. What is the design process? Mention the steps involved in Shigley's model for the design process
3. What are the limitations of Hermit curves?
4. What are the advantages and disadvantages of wireframe modelling?
5. What are the improvements brought by Gouraud shading compared with other shading techniques?
6. Mention the importance of coloring of three dimensional objects in computer graphics.
7. What is meant by assembly modelling?
8. What are the uses of tolerance stack-ups?
9. What is the importance of standards in CAD?
10. Write any three CAD standards for exchange of modelling data.

PART B - (5 x 16 = 80 marks)
11. (a) Write short notes on: (i) Design process (ii) CAD system architecture
(b) What is meant by concurrent engineering? Describe the various schemes for concurrent engineering.

12. (a) What are Bezier curves? Discuss its important properties.
(b) What do you understand by boundary representation (B-rep) technique of solid modelling? Explain briefly the data structure of B-rep solid model.

13. (a) Explain the following color models used in computer graphics: (i) RGB (ii) CMY
(b) Write short notes on the following hidden surface algorithms: (i) Back-face removal (ii) Z-buffer algorithm

14. (a) Briefly explain the elements of a mechanism analysis
(b) Write short notes on: Statistical tolerance analysis.

15. (a) Briefly explain any one of the known graphic standards.
(b) Write short notes on: Drawing Exchange Format (DXF) standard.
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