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ME6302 Manufacturing Technology II Nov Dec 2016 Important Questions

Anna University Chennai - Important Questions of ME6302 Manufacturing Technology II
Third Semester
Department of Mechanical Engineering
ME6302 Manufacturing Technology II
Nov Dec 2016 Important Questions
(Regulation 2013)

You can collect here the 16 Marks Most Important Questions asked in previous years university examinations - ME6302 Manufacturing Technology II 5th Semester Subject in B.E Mechanical Engineering under Anna University Chennai

ME6302 Manufacturing Technology II
1. Recommend steps to be taken to improve the performance of metal casting industry
2. Explain with neat diagram (a) squeeze Jolting machine (b) sand Slinger machine(c) Jolting Machine
3. Briefly Explain the Principle and operation of CO2 Moulding.
4. Describe the constructional feature and operation (a) Cupola furnace (b) Blast furnace
5. (i) Describe with a neat sketch of cold chamber die casting machine. (BT-2)
(ii) Describe the procedure of making castings by the true centrifugal casting and write it advantages and disadvantages.
6. Explain the various types of pattern used in Mould Making and preparation of sand moulding process
7. (i) Explain about the equipment and operation of GTAW process.
(ii) Explain about the Advantages and Disadvantages of GTAW. 
8. Explain with Advantages, Disadvantages and Application (a) Gas Welding (b) Arc Welding (c) MIG and TIG Welding (d) Electro Slag Welding
9. Explain the various types of oxy-acetylene flames with sketches
10. Explain the principle and application (a) Friction Welding Process. (b) Friction Stir Welding
11. Explain with Advantages, Disadvantages (a) Plasma Arc Welding process (b) Thermit welding Process (c) Plasma Arc Welding process (d) Resistance Welding Process (e) submerged arc welding process.
12. (i) Describe the process of Electro Slag Welding and mention their major application.
(ii) Explain the Resistance spot welding Process with a neat sketch
13. Recommend a suitable process to form heads in fasteners such as nails and bolts
14. Explain hot working and cold working processes
15. Explain (a) open die forging (b) drop forging (c) die forging.
16. Discuss the types of Rolling mills.
17. Explain with neat sketches (a) process of tube drawing of metals (b) process of Rod Drawing
18. Analyse and Sketch variation in pressure during the Extrusion process by direct and indirect methods
19. Suggest and explain a method for manufacturing tooth paste tubes.
20. With neat diagram explain the process of forward extrusion. Explain also how hollow sections can be produced in this process.
21. Discuss Sheet metal Characteristics in detail
22. Explain (a) Shearing(b) Blanking(c) clearance in shearing(d) Spring back in bending
23. Describe with a neat sketch the various type of stretch forming operations
24. Explain with a neat sketch (a)hydro forming (b) Rubber Pad Forming (c) peen forming (d) Explosive Forming (e) Micro forming (f) super plastic forming (g) Magnetic Pulse Forming
25. Describe the nibbling and notching operations
26. i) List out and write the various processes of joining plastics.
(ii) Summarise the various differences between thermoplastics and thermosetting plastics.
27 (i) Explain the injection blow moulding process.
(ii) Discuss injection moulding process of plastic products
28 (i) Describe the process Equipment for Injection moulding
(ii) Explain the working principle of plunger and screw machines.
30 (i) Explain Positive, semi positive and flash type Compression Moulding.
(ii) State the typical industrial applications of Transfer moulding. 
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