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IT6701 Information Management Nov Dec 2016 Important Questions

Anna University Chennai - Important Questions of IT6701 Information Management
Seventh Semester
Department of Automobile Engineering
IT6701 Information Management
Nov Dec 2016 Important Questions
(Regulation 2013)

IT6701 Information Management - All Important 16 Marks Questions

IT6701 Information Management
1. Explain Database connection Manager. discuss the functions of OLE DB connection manager in detail
2. Explain (a) No SQL (b) Hadoop (c) HIVE
3. Explain in detail about business rules and relationship
4. Explain ER modelling diagram. Discuss different integrity constraints in detail
5. Discuss (a)Segmentation (b)paging (c) Trojan horse
6. Explain Intrusion Detection System(IDS) in detail
7. What is firewall? Explain different firewall techniques
8. Explain data Federation and master data patterns
9. Explain different phases in master data management projects
10. Explain Regulatory Compliance Regulatory Process and issues in detail
11. Explain Data Quality Management
12. Explain Navigation and Labeling System in detail
13. Explain confidentiality policy and Flow Granularity of content in detail
14. Sketch an organization information architecture. What are the steps to be followed to organize information effectively?
15. How sensitive data is handled in organization? How sensitive data is classified and ensured security in Information Management
16. Explain different data retention policies
17. How would you archive data using Hadoop explain in detail
18. Explain in detail on life cycle management costs
19. Explain the architecture of information framework and discuss the roles and responsibilities of information architecture
20. What are the roles and responsibilities of database administrator?
21. Explain the following SELECT statement syntax with examples in HiveQL.
i) Computing with Columns (4)
ii) WHERE Clauses (4)
iii) GROUP BY Clauses(4)
iv) HAVING Clauses (4)
22. Explain the following
i) Software firewalls (8)
ii) Hardware firewalls (8)
23. Discuss the following in Maturity Model of Data
i) Undisciplined (8)
ii) Reactive (8)
24. Tell the following Principles of Information Architecture in detail
i) The principle of objects (4)
ii) The principle of choices (4)
iii) The principle of disclosure (4)
iv) The principle of exemplars (4)
25. Prepare a case study for handling confidential information (16)

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