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IT6602 Software Architectures Nov Dec 2016 Important Questions

Important questions for Nov Dec 2016 IT6602 Software Architectures examinations conducting by Anna University Chennai
06th Semester / III Year
Information Technology
IT6602 Software Architectures
(Regulation 2013)
Nov Dec 2016 Important Questions

Important 16 Marks Questions with answers (All five units) are listed for IT6602 Software Architectures subject

1. How does the nature of your organization affect the architectures that develop? How do the architectures affect the nature of the organizations?

2. What allocation structure is as applied to software architectures? Explain three allocation structures in practice

3. Explain the various process recommendations as used by an architect while developing software architectures.

4. Software architecture is often compared to building architecture. What are the strong points of this comparison? What is the correspondence in buildings to software architecture structures and views? What is the weakness of this comparison? When does it breakdown?

5. Explain in detail the building of Architecture Business Cycle.

6. a) Explain how faults are detected and prevented.
b) Write a brief note on design time and run time tactics.

7. Usability is not always given due consideration in architecture design, making usability system goals often difficult to achieve because they are treated as an afterthought. Think of a system where you are familiar with the architecture and try to enumerate the usability tactics, if any, it has employed.

8. Define Quality Attribute Workshop .Write in detail about the steps involved in QAW.

9. Classify the various tactics being used and tabulate how they help to achieve quality attributes in detail.

10. Write short notes on i) Software quality attributes ii) Problems in system quality attributes iii) Goals of business qualities iv) Architectural qualities.

11. Explain 4+1 View Model of Architecture with a diagram in detail.

12. a) What are views? How they serve the architecture with examples?
b) List the steps in documenting a view for architecture.

13. Discuss Siemens 4 views in detail.

14. What is View Point? Describe the six core viewpoints in detail.

15. Prepare a case study on your own for choosing the views.

16. Define architecture style. Tabulate the summary of all architectural styles.

17. Consider the case study of building software controlled mobile robot. Describe its challenging problems and design considerations with four requirements. Finally give the solution by layered architecture for all the four requirements.

18. a) Write a note on heterogeneous architectures.
b) Discuss the invariants, advantages and disadvantages of pipes and filters architectural style.

19. Describe the various Data flow styles with suitable examples.

20. Illustrate the forces that influence the solutions to the problems based on blackboard pattern.

21. Discuss about documenting the views using UML with suitable diagram.

22. What are the suggested standard organization points for view documentation?

23. i) Define Cloud computing. Explain its types and uses in detail.
ii)Write a note on Service Oriented Architecture.

24. Discuss Adaptive structures in detail.

25. You are a new hire to a project layout a sequence of documentation you would like to have to acquaint you with your new position.
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