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IT6004 Software Testing Nov Dec 2016 Important Questions

Important questions / expected questions for Nov Dec 2016 IT6004 Software Testing examinations conducting by Anna University Chennai
07th Semester / Seventh Semester / IV Year
Department of IT
IT6004 Software Testing
(Regulation 2013)
Nov Dec 2016 Important Questions

Important 16 Marks Questions with answers (All five units) are listed for IT6004 Software Testing

1. Discuss in detail Testing Maturity Model (TMM)
2. Discuss in detail Software testing principles.
3. Explain in detail the tester’s role in a software development organization
4. Explain in detail defect classes, the defect repository and test design
5. Explain in detail about defect analysis in coin problem
6. Explain in detail block box testing approach with example
7. Explain detail white box testing approach with example
8. Briefly explain about Requirement based testing?
9. Explain about Positive and Negative testing?
10. Briefly explain about Equivalence class partitioning?
11. Explain testing and debugging goals and policies
12. Explain test plan components
13. Explain reporting test result formats
14. Explain structure of the testing group
15. Explain careers paths for tester with example
16. Explain the role of the 3 critical groups
17. Explain reporting rest results
18. Explain test plan components
19. Briefly explain test planning
20. Explain how to build a testing group
21. Explain types of review
22. Explain software configuration management
23. Explain criteria for test completion
24. Discuss the measurements and milestones for monitoring and controlling
25. Discuss the benefits of inspection in detail

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