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GE6151 Computer Programming Nov Dec 2016 Important Questions

Anna University Chennai
First Semester / First Year
Common to ALL B.E / B.Tech branches
GE6151 Computer Programming
(Regulation 2013)
Nov Dec 2016 Important Questions

Important 16 Marks Questions are listed for GE6151 Computer Programming subject.

1. (i) Explain the basic organization of a computer with neat diagram (12) (May 2015)
(ii) Explain the need for Logical Analysis with an example in brief. (4) (Dec 2014)

2. Describe in detail about various generations of computers. (16) (May 2015)

3. Design an algorithm and flowchart to simulate the railway ticket booking process. (16) (Jan 2016)

4. i) Construct the flowchart for finding the roots of a quadratic equation.(8) (Jan 2013)
(ii) Construct a flow chart to find sum of first 100 natural numbers.(8)

5. (i) Discuss the steps involved in computer programming (8)
(ii) What is pseudo code? Write a pseudo code for swapping two numbers without using temporary storage. (8) (Dec 2014)

6. (i) Describe in detail about different data types in ‘C’ with suitable examples. (8)
(ii) Define constants. Explain the various types of constants in C. (8) (May 2015)

7. Describe the structure of a C program with an example program. (16) (Jan 2016)

8. Write short notes on the following with an example: (6+5+5)
a. ‘for’ loop b. ‘while’ loop c. ‘do…while’ loop

9. (i) Explain switch case statement with suitable example(6)
(ii) Give the syntax of ‘for’ statement and explain with suitable example.(6)
(iii) Differentiate between signed and unsigned integer.(4)

10. (i)Write a program to check whether a given number is prime or not. (8) (June 2014)
(ii) Write a C program to find sum of digits of an integer. (8) (June 2014)

11. (i) Explain and write a C program to arrange the given 10 numbers in ascending order.(10) (May 2015)
(ii) Explain the need for array variables. Describe the following with respect to arrays:
Declaration of array and accessing an array element. (6)

12. (i) State a C program to multiply two 3 x 3 matrices. (10) (June 2014)
(ii) Write a C program to find the determinant of the resultant matrix. (6) (June 2014)

13. (i) Describe a C program to multiply two matrices. (8) (Dec 2014)
(ii) Explain the various string operations. Write a C program to find out the length of the string without using built in function. (8) (Dec 2014)

14. (i) Construct a C program to find average marks obtained by a of 30 students in a test.(10)
(ii).Write short notes on Reading and Writing string. (6)

15. (i) Explain bubble sort Algorithm (8)
ii) Sort the following numbers using bubble sort 50, 10, 45, 95, 14, 77, 84, 32 (8)

16. (i) Write a C program to find the factorial of a given number using function. (8) (May 2015)
(ii) Write a C program to find all the duplicates in an array of numbers using pointers. (8)

17. Explain in detail about Pass by Value and Pass by reference with an example (16)

18. Construct a C program to calculate the area of any four shapes using pointers (16)

19. (i) Write a C program to swap the content of two variables using pointers. (8) (June 2014)
(ii) Explain the use of pointers in arrays with suitable example. (8) (June 2014)

20. Assess how can you pass a array as a parameter in C. Give an example (16)

21. Write a C program to read the details of book name, author name and price of 200 books in a library and display the total cost of the books and the book details whose price is above Rs.500. (16)

22. (i) Explain the various storage classes in C. (10)
(ii) Explain What is union? Discuss with an example. (6)

23. Explain a C program to store the employee information using structure and search a particular employee using Employee Number. (16)

24. (i) Explain and write a C Program to find sum and product using macros (8)
(ii) Explain and write a C program to find the area of circle using Macros (8)

25.  (i) Express a structure with data members of various types and declare two structure variables. Write a program to read data into these and print the same. (10)
(ii) Justify the need for structured data type. (6)
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