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EN6501 Municipal Solid Waste Management Nov Dec 2016 Important Questions

Important questions / expected questions for Nov Dec 2016 EN6501 Municipal Solid Waste Management examinations conducting by Anna University Chennai
05th Semester / V Semester / Third Year
Civil Engineering
EN6501 Municipal Solid Waste Management
(Regulation 2013)
Nov Dec 2016 Important Questions

Important 16 Marks Questions with answers (All five units) are listed for EN6501 Municipal Solid Waste Management Subject

1. Describe the possibilities in solid waste management with respect to reduction, reuse and recovery.
2. Describe the effects and improper disposal of solid waste on human health and environment.
3. Explain how and why the generation rate of waste has increased over a period of 10 years.
4. MSW is generated within the community from several sources, not just the household. Classify the solid waste based on sources and types. Examine the factors that contribute to variation in composition of solid waste.
5. Compose the classification of solid wastes based on its composition and characteristics.
6. Describe the factors that should be considered in evaluating onsite processing equipment.
7. Relate the types of waste collection systems based on their mode of operation with a neat sketch.
8. Describe the types of storage methods
9. Discuss the materials used for the storage containers
10. Explain handling and storage of solid waste varies in urban and rural areas.
11. Describe the operation of hauled container system and stationary container system of waste collection. Tell how will you analyze the waste collection operations?
12. Tell, What is meant by “at site”, “off route” and “pick u” in the analysis of solid waste collection?
13. Explain the role of transfer station in solid waste management. Discuss the benefits of transfer station to a community in terms of economics, time, savings and the environmental quality?
14. Investigate the need for transfer operation? Also explain the functions of transfer stations.
15. Invent the factors influencing solid waste collection route, compose the method of finalizing collection route schedule.
16. Describe the various options for the disposal of solid wastes and the relative merits of disposal options.
17. Write how does incineration help in the management of solid waste? Describe the incineration technologies and air emissions and its control in detail
18. Discuss the major types of gaseous emissions from a mass burn incinerator and how each may be effectively removed from flue?
19. Explain the working of a continuous feed mass fired municipal incinerator with a neat sketch.
20. Investigate
a) Shredding and pulverizing (4)
b) Vermi-composting (4)
c) Incineration (4)
d) In Vessel composting (4)
21. Write the adverse effects of a landfill leachate and list appropriate control measures.
22. Describe the sanitary land filling process in detail with a neat sketch.
23. Write short notes on
i) Environmental factors in sanitary landfill sites. (8)
ii) Different methods used for municipal solid waste landfill. (8)
24. Explain the various methods of leachate treatment.
25. i) Compose the post closure care required for a secure landfill (8)
ii) Compose the factors that must be considered in identification of potential site for a secure landfill. Invent site selection procedure.

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