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EI6702 Logic and Distributed Control System Nov Dec 2016 Important Questions

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Seventh / 07th Semester
Department of EIE
EI6702 Logic and Distributed Control System
Nov Dec 2016 Important Questions
(Regulation 2013)

16 Marks Important Questions asked in previous years university examinations.

1. Describe with neat block diagram power supply used for PLC. Design a single PLC program of your own choice using ladder logic and Functional block diagram and compare the same.
2. Demonstrate how timers and counters are programmed in PLC? Illustrate with an example.
3. Write an PLC program for one way traffic control. Discuss the I/O modules involved in PLC.
4. Explain the important points that have to be considered in the selection of PLC
5. List the inputs and outputs used in a bottle filling application and write a program using ladder diagrams. Use minimum 6 I/O, 2 timers, 1 counter
6. State the function of each of the following in the basic safety wiring for a PLC installation: a) Main disconnect switch b) Isolation transformer c) Emergency stops d) Master control relay
7. Compare the standard and safety PLC with regard to a) Processors b) Input circuitry c) Output circuitry d) Power supplies
8. (i) Discuss the automatic bottle filling system with hardware and ladder diagram. (ii) With an example, explain function block programming for sequence control
9. Write short notes on SCADA system used in a) Petroleum Refining Process b) Water Purification system
10. Explain the fastest method of communicating with the plant floor.
11. Show how the following units are interfaced in SCADA system and explain the functions of each unit a) Human Machine interface unit b) Master Terminal unit c) Remote terminal unit.
12. Explain the function of RTU in SCADA system. Explain the protocols used in the computer controlled systems and mention its standards
13. “Communication plays a critical role in DCS” is it true? Justify with neat sketch.
14. Explain the security design issues for the LCU
15. Examine the several functions to be accomplished by the communication interfaces in DCS? Also explain LCU interfaces to distributed systems with diagram
16. Describe different types of alarms and alarm management in DCS
17. List the factors to be considered in selecting a DCS
18. Describe how DCS can be used for controlling Iron and steel plant or Chemical Plants or Cement Plants
19. Explain the importance of operator display used in any of the process industry also analyze the future trends in DCS.
20. (i) List the features present in high level operator interfaces. (ii) Compare the advantage and disadvantages of low and high level operator interfaces.

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