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EI6502 Industrial Instrumentation-I Nov Dec 2016 Important Questions

Important questions / expected questions for Nov Dec 2016 EI6502 Industrial Instrumentation-I conducting by Anna University Chennai
05th Semester / Fifth Semester / III Year
Department of EIE
EI6502 Industrial Instrumentation-I
(Regulation 2013)
Nov Dec 2016 Important Questions

Important 16 Marks Questions with answers (All five units) are listed for EI6502 Industrial Instrumentation-I Subject

1. Briefly describe the working of different speed measurement methods.
2. With neat sketches explain the working of pneumatic strain gauges.
3. Explain the following methods of measurement of torque: (i) Digital methods (ii) Magneto strictive methods
4. Explain the construction, working of drag cup type tacho-generator. Derive the expression of output from the Drag cup Rotor AC tacho-generator.
5. With neat diagram explain ,the construction and working of (i) Capacitive torque transducer (ii) Stroboscope
6. What is a vibrational pick up? Explain the different methods of calibration of it.
7. Explain the working and construction of (i) Pressure head type densitometer (ii) Gas densitometer
8. Explain the following with a neat sketch (i) Float type densitometer (ii) Ultrasonic densitometer
9. Explain in detail about Variable reluctance accelerometer with a neat sketch.
10. Discriminate the seismic instruments as a vibrometer and accelerometer. Justify with your answer.
11. With neat sketch describe the method of measurement differential pressure using (i) Resonant pressure sensor (ii) Capacitive differential pressure sensor.
12. Explain the methods of pressure measurement using resistive type pressure transducers.
13. Outline the working of any one type of ionization gauge
14. Discuss about the working principle of Thermal conductivity gauge.
15. With a neat sketch and explain about any two types of Manometers
16. Describe the applications of bimetallic thermometer in detail. Mention the merits and demerits of bimetallic thermometer
17. Discuss the features of RTD and explain the working of RTD in 3 wire and 4 wire configurations.
18. Explain about (i) Thermistor and its characteristics. (ii) Different standards and units of temperature scale.
19. Explain in detail the RTD signal conditioning and their characteristics
20. Explain the principle, construction and operation of bimetallic thermometer. Compare bimetallic thermometer and calibration thermometer.
21. Explain the signal conditioning circuit for thermocouple.
22. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of optical pyrometer. State its applications.
23. Describe the factors to be considered for the selection of thermocouple. Mention the advantages and disadvantages of thermocouple.
24. Elaborate how the fiber optic temperature measurement is advantageous than other methods.
25. Describe the principle of two color radiation pyrometers.

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