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EC6402 Communication Theory Nov Dec 2016 Important Questions

Anna University Chennai - EC6402 Communication Theory - Important University Questions / Question Bank / Previous University Questions
Fourth / 04th Semester
Department of ECE
EC6402 Communication Theory
Nov Dec 2016 Important Questions
(Regulation 2013)

16 Marks Important Questions asked in previous years university examinations.

1. Explain about Superhetrodyne receiver
2. Explain and derive Hilbert transform technique.
3. What is AM Modulation with neat sketch and derive its equation. Also draw the modulated AM wave for various modulation index, calculate Power and current relations with Transmission Efficiency
4. Explain DSB-SC generation using Ring modulator
5. Draw the circuit diagram of Foster-Seeley discriminator and explain its working.
6. Explain in detail on Stereo Multiplexing.
7. Explain the Armstrong method for generation of FM signal with block diagram.
8. Explain in detail the reactance FET modulator
9. Generalize the equation for finding the probability density function of a one to one differential function of a given random variable.
10. Given a random process X(t)=A Cos(?t+?), where A and ? are constants and ? is a uniform random variable. Judge that X(t) is Ergodic
11. Let X(t) and Y(t) be both zero mean and WSS random processes. Consider the random process z(t)= X(t)+Y(t). Determine the auto correlation and power spectrum of z(t) if X(t) and Y(t) are jointly WSS
12. Discuss and prove the properties of power spectral density
13. Solve the expression for figure of merit of DSB-SC receiver using coherent detection
14. Evaluate the effective noise temperature of a cascade amplifier. Assess how the various noises are generated in the method of representing them.
15. Derive the figure of merit for non coherent system with suitable assumption
16. What is coherent detector? Derive an expression for SNR at input (SNRc) and output of (SNRo) of a coherent detector
17. Explain in detail Huffman coding algorithm and compare this with the other types of coding and Describe S/N trade off.
18. Write short notes on Differential entropy, derive the channel capacity theorem and discuss the implications of the information capacity theorem.
19. Discuss Source coding theorem, give the advantage and disadvantage of channel coding in detail, and summarize the data compaction
20. Explain the demodulation of DSB-SC using Costas loop
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