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EC6304 Electronic Circuits I Nov Dec 2016 Important Questions

Anna University Chennai - Important Questions of EC6304 Electronic Circuits I
III Semester
Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering
EC6304 Electronic Circuits I
Nov Dec 2016 Important Questions
(Regulation 2013)

EC6304 Electronic Circuits I - All Important 16 Marks Questions

EC6304 Electronic Circuits I Most Important Questions Part B

1. Explain the voltage divider bias method & derive an expression for stability factors.

2. Why biasing is necessary in BJT amplifier? Explain the concept of DC & AC load line with neat diagram. How will you select the operating point, explain it using CE amplifier characteristics?

3. Explain in details about biasing MOSFET.


11. Describe the small signal equivalent circuit of the MOSFET and determine the values of small signal parameters?

12. Develop a small signal model of JFET device and analyze basic JFET amplifiers.

13. Write short notes Voltage swing limitations, general conditions under which a source follower amplifier would be used.

14. Apply the MOSFET small signal equivalent circuit in the analysis of multistage amplifier circuits.

15. Derive the small signal analysis of common source amplifier.

16. With neat sketch explain hybrid π CE transistor model. Derive the expression for various components in terms of ‘h’ parameters.

17. Discuss the low frequency response & the high frequency response of an amplifier. Derive its cutoff frequencies.

18. Discuss the frequency response of MOSFET CS amplifier.

21. Describe the operation of an NMOS amplifier with either an enhancement load, a depletion load, or a PMOS load.

22. Explain CMOS differential amplifier and derive CMRR.

23. Explain the CMOS common source and source follower with neat diagram.

24. Discuss the operation of active load and discuss the advantages of MOSFET cascode current circuit.

25. 10. Explain the large signal behavior of MOSFETs and compare the operating regions of Bipolar and MOS transistors.

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