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EC2302 Digital Signal Processing May June 2014 Past Exam Paper

Anna University Chennai B.E ECE 05th Semester EC6502 / EC2302 Digital Signal Processing May June 2014 Past Exam Paper Free Download

Anna University Chennai
Question Paper Code:
Fifth Semester
Electronics and Communication Engineering
EC2302 Digital Signal Processing
(Regulations 2008)
Time: Three Hours
Maximum: 100 Marks

Question Paper Type: Past Exam Papers
Note: New Subject Code in R-2013 is EC6502

Answer ALL questions.
PART-A (10 x 2=20)
1. State the difference between DFT and DTFT.
2. What is Bit reversal?
3. Sketch the frequency response of an odd and even order chebyshev low pass filters?
4. What is bilinear transformation? What is the main advantages and disadvantages of this technique?
5. State the effect of having abrupt discontinuity in frequency response of FIR filters.
6. State Gibb’s phenomenon.
7. State the need for scaling in filter implementation.
8. What is product round off noise?
9. Write the need of decimation?
10.What is meant by multi rate signal processing?


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