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CS6005 Advanced Database Systems Nov Dec 2016 Important Questions

Looking for Important Questions of CS6005 Advanced Database Systems? You will here collect them with ease. Read more details below.
Anna University Chennai - Important University Questions / Question Bank / Previous University Questions / Lecture Notes - CS6005 Advanced Database Systems
Seventh / 07th Semester
Department of Computer Science Engineering
CS6005 Advanced Database Systems Important Questions
Nov Dec 2016 Important Questions
(Regulation 2013)

16 Marks Most Important Questions asked in previous years university examinations.

1. Discuss in detail on Distributed Database Architecture with neat diagram
2. Discuss in detail about Query Processing and Optimization in detail
3. Compare parallel databases with Map Reduce
4. Explain Map Reduce Programming model in detail
5. Explain (a) Pig Latin (b) Hive
6. Discuss (a) Integrity Management (b) Workflow Management
7. Explain the syntax of semantics of Starburst, Oracle, DB2 databases
8. Discuss Design Tools Supporting the IDEA Methodology with architecture diagram
9. Discuss IDEA Methodology with Active Rule Design, Active Rule Prototyping and Active Rule Implementation
10. Discuss Temporal Structured Query Language (TSQL2) with Language Constructs, Architecture and Temporal Support
11. Explain (a) Benchmark Database Updates (b) Implementing Database Updates in O2
12. Discuss Performance evaluation on small database and large database
13. Explain Relational Calculi and recursion rule in detail
14. Discuss various rules Rule rewriting methods in detail
15. Write detail note on (a) Recursive Queries in SQL (b) Fix point semantics (c) Recursive rules
16. Discuss Traditional Indexing Methods in detail with neat diagram
17. Explain (a)Multimedia Indexing (b) Text Retrieval (c) Sub pattern Matching
18. Explain how database deal with 2d Color images in detail
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