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CE6506 Construction Techniques Equipment and Practice Nov Dec 2016 Important Questions

Anna University Chennai - Important Questions of CE6506 Construction Techniques Equipment and Practice
V Semester
Department of Civil Engineering
CE6506 Construction Techniques Equipment and Practice
Nov Dec 2016 Important Questions
(Regulation 2013)

CE6506 Construction Techniques Equipment and Practice- All Important 16 Marks Questions

Part B Top 20 Most Important Questions of CE6506 Construction Techniques Equipment and Practice
1. Explain briefly about the chemicals used in concrete and their advantages.
2. i) Explain the ACI method of mix design. (8)
 ii) Explain any one non-destructive method of testing concrete. (8)
3. What are the tests which are conducted for hardened concrete and explain any two test in detail.
4. Explain all the different methods adopting to transport concrete.
5. i)Explain the workability of concrete. (8)
 ii) What are admixtures? Explain any two. (8)
6. Explain the various types of foundation with neat sketches
7. i) Explain the various types of stone masonry with neat sketches. (8)
ii) Make a comparison between stone masonry and brick masonry (8)
8. i) Define dampness. (2)
 ii) What are all the causes of dampness? (4)
 iii) Explain the various methods of damp proofing. (10)
9. Explain the different types of joints in buildings with neat sketches.
10. Explain types of scaffolding with neat sketches
11. i) What is Pneumatic caisson ? (2)
 ii) Where is it adopted? (4)
 iii). How is it constructed?
12.  Describe the various methods employed to bring a tilted well to position while constructing a well foundation.
13. i) Explain with neat sketches box jacking techniques. (8)
ii) Explain all the techniques adopted for tunneling? (8)
14. Explain under water construction of diaphragm walls with neat sketches.
15. Explain the various methods of piling
16. i) Explain the types of bridge decks with sketch. (8)
ii)Explain the procedure of erecting heavy decks. (8)
17. Explain the steps involved in the erection of a steel truss and covering it with asbestos cement sheet roofing.
18. Explain the method of Erection of articulated structures.
19. Write the advantages of prestressed concrete as compared to normal reinforced concrete structures.
20. i) Write notes on braced domes and space decks. (8)
ii) Explain different types of Domes. (8)
21. What are all the points should be considered while selecting an earth work equipment.
22. i) Explain the equipment used for mixing and compaction of concrete. (8)
 ii) Discuss the factors influencing the selection of equipment for work. (8)
23. Explain the different types of Rollers.
24. Explain the different types of cranes
25. Discuss about the various equipments used in pile driving.
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