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CE6504 Highway Engineering Nov Dec 2016 Important Questions

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Fifth Semester
Department of Civil Engineering
CE6504 Highway Engineering
Nov Dec 2016 Important Questions
(Regulation 2013)

16 Marks Important Questions asked in previous years university examinations.

1. Explain the engineering surveys conducted for highway alignment.
2. Discuss in detail about the obligatory points controlling highway alignment.
3. Define MORTH. Write the importance of MORTH.
4. How rural roads are classified? Explain
5. Write the salient features of Nagpur Road plan.
6. With a neat sketch explain the cross-sectional elements of a 2 lane rural road on embankment.
7. Derive an equation for super elevation. A vehicle travels at a speed of 60 Kmph. Find the super elevation to be provided If the radius of curvature is 220 m.
8. Derive the equation for extra widening. A vehicle travels In a 2 lane road with a design speed of 80 kmph. Find the amount of extra widening for a radius of curvature of 210 m
9. A vertical summit curve is formed by n1 = +30% and n2 = -5.0%. Design the length of the summit curve for V=80 kmph.
10. A valley curve is formed by descending gradient n1= 1 in 25 and ascending gradient n2= 1 in 30. Design the length of the valley curve for V =80 kmph.
11. What are the differences between flexible and rigid pavements?
12. What are the factors which affects pavement design?
13. What are the impacts of temperature on pavements?
14. Explain the different types of joints in pavements.
15. Explain the design procedure for rigid pavements.
16. What are the machinery used for the pavement construction?
17. What are quality control measures in pavement construction?
18. What are geotextiles? Explain different geotextiles with neat sketch and place of Implementation.
19. Explain the construction of WBM?
20. What are Tests on aggregates? Explain with neat sketches
21. What are the criteria that are followed during a project formulation?
22. Explain pavement evaluation by deflection
23. Explain pavement evaluation for flexible pavements.
24. Explain the surface deflection in detail
25. Explain deformation in detail.

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