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CE6451 Fluid Machines and Machinery Nov Dec 2016 Important Questions

Anna University Chennai Important Questions for CE6451 presents Important Questions for Nov Dec 2016 Examinations being conducted by Anna University Chennai.
B.E/B.Tech Degree Examination Nov/Dec -2016
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Third Semester
CE6451 Fluid Machines and Machinery
Nov/Dec 2016 Important Questions
Regulation 2013

Part A- 2 Marks Important Questions:
1. What is viscosity? What is the cause of it in liquids and in gases?
2. What are the assumption of the Bernoulli’s equations?
3. What is use of moody’s diagram?
4. Define boundary layer thickness
5. State Buckingham's π theorem
6. What is meant by undistorted model?
7. Define slip of reciprocating pump
8. Define speed ratio
9. The mean velocity of the buckets of the Pelton wheel is 10 m/s. The jet supplies water at 0.7 m3 /s at a head of 30 m. The jet is deflected through an angle of 160° by the bucket. Find the hydraulic efficiency. Take Cv = 0.98.
10. Draw the velocity triangle diagram for pelton wheel turbine.

Part B- 16 Marks Important Questions:
1. A pipe (1) 450 mm in diameter branches in to two pipes (2 and 3) of diameters 300 mm and 200 mm respectively. If the average velocity in 450 mm diameter pipe is 3m/s. Find (i) Discharge through 450 mm diameter pipe; (ii) Velocity in 200 mm diameter pipe if the average velocity in 300 mm pipe is 2.5 m/s.

2. A horizontal venturimeter with inlet and throat diameter 300 mm and 100 mm respectively is used to measure the flow of water. The pressure intensity at inlet is 130 kN/m2 while the vacuum pressure head at throat is 350 mm of mercury. Assuming that 3% head lost between the inlet and throat. Find the value of coefficient of discharge for the venturimeter and also determine the rate of flow.

3. Derive an expression to find the loss of head due to friction in pipes. It is also called as Darcy’s weibach’s equation

4. The rate of flow of water through a horizontal pipe is 0.25 m3/sec. The diameter of the pipe is suddenly enlarged from 200 mm to 400 mm. The pressure intensity in the smaller pipe is 11.772 N/cm2 . Determine (i) loss of head due to sudden enlargement (ii) pressure intensity in the large pipe and (iii) power lost due to enlargement.

5. Using Buckingham's π theorem, show that velocity, through a circular pipe orifice is given by H- head causing flow; D-diameter of orifice µ = Coefficient of viscosity ρ = mass density; g = acceleration due to gravity.

6. The efficiency (η of a fan depends on ρ (density), µ (viscosity) of the fluid, Ѡ (angular velocity), d (diameter of rotor) and Q (discharge). .Express η in terms of non-dimensional parameters. Use Buckingham's π theorem.

7. In a reciprocating pump delivering water the bore is 14 cm and the stroke is 21 cm. The suction lift is 4 m and delivery head is 12 m. The suction and delivery pipe are both 10 cm diameter, length of pipes are 9 m suction and 24 m delivery. Friction factor is 0.015. Determine the theoretical power required. Slip is 8 percent. The pump speed is 36 rpm

8. A double acting reciprocating pump running at 60 rpm is discharging 1.5 m3 of water per minute. The pump has a stroke length of 400 mm. The diameter of the piston is 250 mm. The delivery and suction heads are 20m and 5m respectively. Find the power required to drive the pump and the slip of the pump.

9. A Pelton wheel works under a gross head of 510 m. One third of gross head is lost in friction in the penstock. The rate of flow through the nozzle is 2.2 m3 /sec. The angel of deflection of jet is 165°. Find the (i) power given by water to the runner (ii) hydraulic efficiency of Pelton wheel. Take CV = 1.0 and speed ratio = 0.45

10. A hub diameter of a Kaplan turbine, working under a head of 12m, is 0.35 times the diameter of the runner. The turbine is running at 100rpm. If the vane angle of the runner at outlet is 15deg. And flow ratio 0.6, find (i) diameter of the runner, (ii) diameter

Important Note: The Questions given above are expected important questions of CE6451 Fluid Machines and Machinery. We don't give any assurance to that whether it will appear in the upcoming Nov Dec 2016 B.E Examinations or not.
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