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CE6304 Surveying I Nov Dec 2016 Important Questions

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Third Semester
Department of Civil Engineering
CE6304 Surveying I
Nov Dec 2016 Important Questions
(Regulation 2013)

1. (i) Explain the method of reciprocal ranging. (6 marks)
(ii) A survey line PQ intersects a pond. To overcome this obstacle two stations A and B were taken on either side of the pond. A line AC, 90 m long was laid down on the left of AB. and a second line AD, 130 m long was laid down on the right of AB. if points C, B and D are on the some straight line and CB = 75 m and BD = 78 m, determine the length AB (10 marks)

2. A line was measured with a steel tape which was exactly 30 m at 20 deg C and at a pull of 10 kg the measured length being 1650 m. Thee temperature during the measurement was 30 °C and the pull applied was 15 kg. Assuming the tape to be supported at every 30 m. Calculate the true length if the cross sectional area of the tape was 0.025 cm^2. The coefficient of expansion of the material per deg C is 3.5 x 10^-6. Modulus of elasticity is 2.1 x 10^6 kg/cm^2. Weight of the material is 7.8 gms/cm^3. (16 marks)

3. Explain the methods of chaining with neat sketches. (16 marks)

4. (i) What are all the basic principles of chaining? Explain them. (10 marks)
(ii) What is well conditioned triangle? Explain its significance in surveying? (6 marks)

5. Explain briefly the following methods of three point problem: (16 marks)
(i) Bessel's graphical method
(ii) Trial and error method

6. (i) What is two point problem? and Explain it with neat sketch (8 marks)
(ii) Explain the followings with sketches using plane table (8 marks)
a. Radiation
b. Intersection

7. What is reaction? Explain the three point problem using illustrative diagram. (16 marks)

8. What do you mean by contouring? Describe its characteristics with neat sketch and its uses (16 marks)

9. (i) What are the different sources of error in levelling and explain them in detail (10 marks)
(ii) Write notes on profile levelling and cross sectional levelling (6 marks)

10. Draw a neat diagram of transit theodolite and describe its essential parts (16 marks)

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