Monday, November 21, 2016

BU MBA Human Resource Management May 2013 Question Paper

University of Question Paper: Bharathiar University
Course: MBA
Year of Course: First Year
Question Paper Code: 07DMB05
Question Paper Year: May 2013
Subject: Human Resource Management

Answer any FIVE out of Eight questions.
All questions carry equal marks
(5 * 20 = 100)

1. Explain about functions of Human Resource Manager.

2. write short notes with an example for the following:

a) Job analysis
b) job description and
c) job specification

3. Elucidate on various tests used in Selection Process.

4. "360 degree performance appraisal is the modern approach towards performance appraisal". Comment.

5. Bring out the health, safety and welfare measures as per Factories Act, 1948.

6. Explain about various incentive plans.

7. Highlight on Process of collective bargaining.

8. How will you plan and conduct interview?

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