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AT6703 Automative Pollution and Control Nov Dec 2016 Important Questions

Anna University Important Questions
B.E/B.TECH DEGREE EXAMINATION NOV / DEC 2016 - Important Questions
Seventh Semester
Department of Automobile
AT6703 Automative Pollution and Control
Nov Dec 2016 Important Questions (unitwise)
(Regulation 2013)

1. a) Effects of pollution on environment & human.
b) Pollutants, Sources of Formation.
c) Transient operational effects on pollution.
d) Regulated, Unregulated emissions, Emission Standards.

2. a) HC and CO formation, NO formation in SI engines
b) Chemistry of SI engine combustion
c) Smoke emissions from SI engines
d) Effect of operating variables on emission formation.

3. a) Smoke emission and its types in diesel engines.
b) NOx emission and its types from diesel engines.
c) Particulate emission in diesel engines.
d) Basics of diesel combustion.
e) Effect of operating variables on emission formation.
f) Odor, sulfur and Aldehyde emissions from diesel engines.

4. a) Design modifications, Optimization of operating factors, Fuel modification.
b) Evaporative emission control, Exhaust gas recirculation, SCR.
c) Fumigation, Secondary Air injection PCV system.
d) Particulate Trap, CCS, Exhaust treatment in SI engines
e) Thermal reactors, Catalytic converters, Use of unleaded petrol.

5. a) Test procedures CVS1, CVS3
b) Test cycles IDC, ECE Test cycle, FTP Test cycle.
c) NDIR analyzer, Flame ionization detectors, Chemiluminescent analyzer, Gas chromatograph
d) Dilution tunnel, Smoke meters, SHED test.
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