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AT6702 Vehicle Maintenance Nov Dec 2016 Important Questions

Important questions / expected questions for Nov Dec 2016 AT6702 Vehicle Maintenance examinations conducting by Anna University Chennai
07th Semester / Seventh Semester / Final Year
Department of Automobile Engineering
AT6702 Vehicle Maintenance
(Regulation 2013)
Nov Dec 2016 Important Questions

Important 16 Marks Questions (All five units) are listed for AT6702 Vehicle Maintenance Subject

1. Explain the architecture of a microprocessor.
2. Discuss in detail the parameters of to be controlled in SI and CI engines.
3. (i) Discuss the various factors to be considered to select a site for a service station. (6)
(ii) Differentiate servicing, tuning, repairing, overhauling and reconditioning as applied to vehicle. Give example for each of them. (10) (May 2013)
4. Explain about open loop and closed loop control in an automobile.
5. Explain the different types of maintenance schedules in automobile and explain importance of maintenance? (Nov/Dec 2013)
6. Write short notes on a) Throttle angle sensor b) Air Flow sensor c) knock sensor.
7. Explain the construction and working of a sensor based on piezo electric effect and its application in a car.
8. Briefly discuss about hand and power tools of an automobile workshop. (April/May 2015)
9. Explain the various types of crash sensors.
10. Explain the construction and working of a sensor based on Hall Effect and its application in a car.
11. Explain different problems that may affect the performance of a hydraulic braking system with drum brakes. (Nov/Dec 2014)
12. Discuss the troubles and trouble shooting of a synchro- mesh gear box. (May 2013)
13. Discuss the various components of any one electronic engine management system of SI engine in detail.
14. Explain the layout and working of group and sequential injection system
15. What are the various phases used in S I Engines to meet out the various speed and load conditions?
16. Discuss the Fuel injection system parameters affecting combustion, noise and emissions in CI engine
17. Write short notes on the following i) Noise emission in CI engines ii) Pilot fuel injection iii) Fuel injection parameters affecting combustion.
18. What is the requirement of E G R in the CI Management system and how it controls the Emission from The C I Engine?
19. Discuss in detail the various components of an electronically controlled common rail fuel injection system with a neat sketch
20. What is a unit injector? How does it differ from common rail system?
21. Explain ABS system, its need, layout and working.
22. Write short notes on the following:
(i) Problems in cooling system due to radiator (8)
(ii) Problems in lubrication system (8) (April/May 2015)
23. Explain On board diagnostics (OBD I & II)
24. Explain Collision avoidance Radar warning system.
25. Write short notes on maintenance of following:
(i) Window glass actuating mechanism (8)
(ii) Door lock mechanism (8) (April/May 2015)

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