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AE6504 Propulsion II Nov Dec 2016 Important Questions

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Fifth Semester
Department of Aeronautical Engineering
AE6504 Propulsion II
Nov Dec 2016 Important Questions
(Regulation 2013)

16 Marks Important Questions asked in previous years university examinations.

1. Discuss the limiting factors in turbine design.

2. In a single stage impulse turbine the nozzle discharge the fluid on to the blades at an angle of 65 degrees to the axial direction and the fluid leaves the blades with an absolute velocity of 300 m/s at an angle of 30 degrees to the axial direction. If the blades have equal inlet and outlet angles and there is no axial thrust, estimate the blade angle, power produced per kg/s of the fluid and blade efficiency.

3. Explain procedure for matching the turbine and compressor?

4. An axial flow turbine has a blade speed at the mean diameter is 300 mps, and mass flow is 2.5 kg/s. The gas temperature at turbine inlet and outlet are 500 degrees and 300 degrees respectively. The fixed blade outlet angle is 20 degrees measured in the same direction of U. The axial velocity remains constant at 200 mps. Determine power developed.

5. Describe the working of radial flow turbine stage with neat sketch.

6. Explain the performance of ramjet engine?

7. Explain baffle type burner with neat sketch.

8. A ramjet engine operates at M = 1.2 at an altitude of 6500 m. The diameter of the inlet diffuser at entry is 50 cm and stagnation temperature at the nozzle entry is 1500 K. The CV of the fuel used is 40 MJ/kg. The properties of the combustion gases are same as that of the air (v=1.4, R2287 J/kg K). The velocity of air at the diffuser exit is negligible. Calculate the i) the efficiency of ideal cycle (ii) flight speed (iii) air flow rate (iv) diffuser pressure rate (v) fuel air ration (vi) nozzle jet Mach number. The efficiency of diffuser is 0.9, combustor = 0.98, and nozzle = 0.96

9. With the help of a schematic diagram, explain elaborate scheme of a typical turbo pump feed system

10. What are the advantages of liquid propellant system over solid propellant system?

11. Describe the working of liquid propellant rocket engine with neat sketch.

12. With the help of a schematic diagram, explain elaborate scheme of ages pressure feed system.

13. Briefly explain about selection criteria of solid propellants?

14. Explain briefly about propellant grain design consideration?

15. Explain briefly about hybrid propellant rocket engine with diagram?

16. Briefly explain about selection of criteria of liquid propellants?

17. Briefly explain about the nuclear rocket engine with diagram?

18. Explain the concept of nozzle less propulsion with example?

19. Explain bell nozzle with suitable sketch

20. Derive propulsive efficiency for rocket engine.
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