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Kakatiya University B.Com BUSINESS LAWS 2012 Question Paper

Kakatiya University Question Paper


B.Com. (III Year) Examination - 2012


Paper I (Common to, CC/ Computers / Insurance/ ASM / Taxation/TPP/CSP)

Time :3 Hours] [Max. Marks :70

Section A -(Marks : 5 x 4 = 20)

I. Answer any five of the following in not more than 1 page each:-

(a) Distinguish between fraud and misrepresentation

(b) What are the reciprocal promises?

(c) What are the rights of a buyer?

(d) What is wagering agreement?

(e) Define goods and what are the types of goods.

(f) What is copyright?

(g) What is meant by unfair trade practices?

(h) What are the types of resolutions?

Section B- (Marks : 5 x 10 = 50)

Answer all questions in about five pages each.

2.(a) Define the term offer. Explain the legal rules with regard to offer.


(b) Define undue influence and explain the effect of undue influence on the contract.

3.(a) What are the various ways in which a contract may be discharged?


(b) State briefly the principles on which damages are awarded on the breach of a contract.

4.(a) "A seller cannot convey a better title to the buyer than he himself has". Discuss this rule of law with


(b)Define "sale" and "agreement to sell" and distinguish between the two.

5.(a) Explain the aims,objectives and scope of Information Techonology Act-2000.


(b) What is trade mark? Describe briefly the procedure of registration of trade marks in India.

6.(a) Explain the appointment and removal of directors.


(b) Explain the causes for compulsory winding- up of a company. 
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