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EE2302 Electrical Machines II Nov Dec 2010 Question Paper

Anna University Chennai- EE6504 Electrical Machines II Previous Year Question Papers Collection Nov Dec 2010
Question Paper Code : 53142
Fifth Semester
Electrical and Electronics Engineering
(Regulation 2008)
Time: Three hours
Maximum: 100 marks

Note: New Subject Code of the Question Paper in R-2013 is EE6504

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PART A — (10 × 2 = 20 Marks)
1. Write the causes of harmonics in the voltage and current waves of electrical machinery?
2. What are conditions for parallel operation of alternators?
3. List the inherent disadvantages of synchronous motor?
4. When is a synchronous motor said to receive 100% excitation?
5. Under what condition, the slip in an induction motor is
(a) Negative
(b) Greater than one.
6. What are the two fundamental characteristics of a rotating magnetic field?
7. State two advantages of speed control of induction motor by injecting an e.m.f in the rotor circuit.
8. What is the effect of change in input voltage on starting torque of induction motor?
9. What are the drawbacks of the presence of backward rotating magnetic field in a single phase induction motor?

10. What are the demerits of repulsion motor?

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