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Krishna University LLB BA LLB Law of Contracts-I Jan 2016 Question Paper

Krishna University Old / Previous Years Question Papers
LLB10110/ BLB50110
LL.B/B.A.LL.B Degree Examinations - January, 2016
I/V Semester
Paper- I: Law of Contracts-I
(Regulation 2010-11)
Time : Three Hours Maximum Marks: 100
Part-A (6x4=24M)

Answer any six questions
Write short notes on any six of the following

1. Cross offers

2. Contingent contracts

3. Misrepresentation

4. Agreement in restraint of marriage

5. Quasi contract

6. Breach of contract

7. Privity of contract

8. Stranger to consideration

9. Time as essence of contract

10. Preventive relief

Part-B (2x18=36M)
Essay Type questions

Answer any two of the following

11. Unilateral mistakes does not affect the validity of a contract.

12. What is public policy? Give examples of agreements contrary to public policy and their validity.

13. Agreement without consideration is void. Discuss. State exceptions to the rule.

14. When the specific performance of contract be decreed under the Specific Relief Act, 1969.

Part-C (2x20=40M)
Answer any questions

15. ‘X’ and ‘Y’ jointly owe Rs.5,000 to Z. Y paid that amount to Z. Y not knowing this fact paid the amount to Z. Can Y recover that amount from Z?

16. Raju offers to sell his house in Chennai to Ramu for Rs.5 lakhs. The offer is communicated to Ramu in Kolkata by an express letter. Before Raju’s letter reaches Ramu received a telegram from Raju revoking his offer.

17. ‘A’ minor representing that he is a major, took bicycle on credit from B. the bicycle is not a necessity but a luxury. A did not pay the price. Can B recovery the bicycle from A.

18. A borrowed Rs.60,000 from B for starting a gambling house. Afterwards he refused to return the money. What is the remedy available to B?
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