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GE2021 Environmental Science and Engineering (EVS) Nov Dec 2009 Question Paper

Question Paper Code :
Anna University Chennai
B.E / B.Tech Degree Examination Nov Dec 2009
Third Semester
Civil Engineering
GE2021 Environmental Science and Engineering (EVS)
Regulation 2008

Note: This subject code GE2021 is now GE6351 in new regulation 2013

1. State the significant and scope of environmental science?
2. Define environment impact statement?
3. What is food web?
4. India is a mega – diversity nation – account?
5. What is meant by thermal pollution?
6. State the role and responsibility of an individual in the prevention of pollution?
7. What is acid rain?
8. Define the concept of sustainable development?
9. Define pollution equation?
10. What are the effects of population explosion?

11. Explain any two conflicts over water, confining to our nation?
Discuss the impacts of handling the mineral resources for extraction and subsequent utilization on the environment?
Discuss in detail the causes and consequences of over-exploitation of forest resources?
Give a brief account of renewable energy resources and their significance?
12. Give an account of energy flow in ecosystem. Describe the biotic components of an ecosystem.
Discuss the importance of biodiversity? Write informative notes on ’ insitu ’ conservation?
13. What is noise? Describe briefly the effects of noise on human health? Suggest measures to control air pollution?
Write short notes on : filling method for solid wastes 2. Disaster management?
14. Give a brief account of global warming?
Bring out the various detail of wasteland reclamation practices?
Write a note on waste shed management.
Discuss briefly on environment act 1986?
Describe briefly on bhopar disaster and Chernobyl disaster?
15. Describe briefly the factors that affect human population growth rate? Human Rights? Value education?
Discuss the factors influencing family size?
Write a note on the various methods of family planning?
What is AIDS? Hoe to prevent it?
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