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RTMNU B.E Mechanical Manufacturing Processes 2013 Question Paper

RTM Nagpur University Question Paper
3rd Semester B.E Examination
Mechanical Engineering
Manufacturing Processes
Question Paper Year: 2013

1 (a) How do you classify manufacturing process ? Explain in detail.
(b) What are the primary requirements of the moulding sand and how each in provided by sand and additive aggregates ?
1. (a) Explain giving neatly labelled sketches of the processes :
(i) Continuous casting
(ii) Carbon dioxide moulding
(b) Describe the complete procedure of testing permeability of moulding sand.
2. (a) Explain briefly the following welding techniques with the help of neat sketches :
(i) Plasma arc welding
(ii) Electron beam welding
(b) Describe the types of fluxes used in soldering and their applications.
(a) What are the differences between soldering brazing and welding? Explain.
(b) Explain the following with the help of neat sketches :
(i) TIG welding
(ii) Laser beam welding
(i) Ultrasonic welding process
3. (a) Explain briefly the following metal forming process with the help of neat sketches.
(i) Rolling
(ii) Forging
(a) Define the concept of strain hardening.
(b)Explain briefly the following metal forming process :
(i) Deep drawing
(ii) Wire drawing
(ii) Tube drawing
(iii) Riveting

4.(a)Define powder metallurgy. What are various important techniques for compacting of metal powder ?
(b)What are the secondary operations we apply in powder metallurgy methods,
(a)What are vapid prototyping operations ? Explain substractive processes.
(b)Write short notes on following :
(i) Virtual prototyping
(ii) Stereolithography process

5. (a)Discuss general properties and classifications of plastics.
(b) Compare thermo-selting materials with thermo-plastic materials.
Write short notes on :
(i) Plastic processing methods
(ii) Lamination of plastics
(iii) Explain calendaring process

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