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RTMNU B.E ECE Engineering Economics and Industrial Management 2012 Question Paper

RTM Nagpur University Question Paper
B.E Electronics and Communication Engineering
Engineering Economics and Industrial Management
Time: Three Hours
Maximum Marks: 80
Question Paper Year: 2012
Section A

1. (a) Explain the law of demand with its limitations.
(b) What are the peculiarities of land?

2. (a) Explain the term – price elasticity, income elasticity and cross elasticity of demand.
(b) What are law of Returns? Explain with numerical examples and diagrams.

3. (a) How does monopoly discriminate between different groups of buyers and charge different prices?
(b) What are variable fixed and total cost? Explain with examples and diagram.

4. (a) Discuss the impact of globalization on Indian economy.
(b) Advertising elasticity.
(c) Inflation
(d) Direct taxes.

Section B

6. (a) "Management is an art and a Science". – Explain.
(b)What do you mean by planning? Discuss the steps in planning.

7. (a) What is marketing mix? What are its constituents?
(b) Explain the factors which affect the choice of channels of distribution.

8. (b) Discuss the role and significance of advertising.
(b) What do you mean by Budgetary control? Discuss the objectives and need of budgetary control.

9. (a) Balance sheet is a control of financial position of a company.
(b) What is the meaning of ratio analysis? Explain their importance.

10. (a) Write short notes on any three of the following:
(a) Communication.
(b)Functional organisation structure.
(c) Nature of control.
(d) Principle of costing. 
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