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MGU B.Tech PO010805G01 Fibre Technology 2014 Question Paper

MG University Question Paper 2014
Polymer Engineering
VIII Semester B.Tech Degree Examination
PO 010 805 G01: Fibre Technology (Elective-IV) (PO)
Time :3 hours
Maximum Marks : 100

Part A
(Answer all the questions
Each question carries 3 marks)

1   What is tenacity? How is it expressed?
2    How does molecular orientation affect the strength of fibers?
3 Give the characteristics of nylon
4 What do you mean by bonding and weaving?
5 Give an account of properties of yarns.
(5X 3= 15)

Part B
(Answer all the questions
Each question carries 5 marks)

6 What are various fibers used in rubber industry? Mention the characteristics of any two
7 Explain any two methods of determination of fiber structure.
8 Write short note on dyeing of fibers.
9 Explain the terms:-
(a) Spinning              (b)  Knitting
10 Explain the following terms
(a) Friction             (b)  twist
(5 X 5 = 25)

Part C
(Answer all the questions
Each question carries 12 marks)

11.   (A) Discuss the uses of fibers in polymer industry
         (B)  Discuss the present status and future prospects of fiber manufacturing industries in India
12. (A) Discuss the uses of the following natural fibers:-
(i) Flax  (ii) Jute  (iii) Cotton  (iv) Silk  (v) Linen  (vi) Coir
            (B) Explain the mechanical, electrical and optical properties of fibers
   13. (A) How polyesters are made? Discuss the properties of ester based fibers
         (B) Discuss the production, properties and uses of aramid fibers
14.  (A) Discuss the spinning and drawing of fibers
             (B) Write notes on:-
                      (i) Lacing (ii) Felting (iii) Spinning of cotton yarns and blends
15. (A) Explain the following yarn properties:-
                      (i) Fatigue (ii) Evenness (iii) Appearance (iv) Abrasion
(B)  Explain the following fabric properties:-
                     (i) Abrasion resistance (ii) Air permeability (iii) Thermal properties
(5 X 12 = 60)

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