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KU BA B.Sc B.Com Modern English Grammar and Usage 2011 Question Paper

Kerala University Question Paper
Course: BA / B.Sc / B.Com
Time: 3 hours Total weights: 30
Exam Year: 2011
Answer all the questions
I. Choose the best option in the following questions
A. 1. What —— interesting life I had then!
a. an b. a c. the d. zero article
2. —— nature is consciousness manifest.
a. zero article b. an c. a d. the
3. ?I have not met her since my school days?. The =since' in the sentence is ——
a. an adverb b. a preposition c. a conjunction d. None of these
4. Classic movies are available —— Turner Classic Movies
a. on b. in c. at d. off
B. 5. One should not dislike ———friends
a. one's b. his c. their d. your
6. The word =police' is a ————noun.
a. proper b. common c. collective d. mass
7. ?She went upstairs to check on the children?. Which word is the adverb in the sentence?
a. went b. upstairs c. check on d. none of these
8. In the sentence ?Some dogs can be very dangerous?, =can' shows————
a. possibility b. concession c. prohibition d. none of these.
C. 9. She was born and brought --------- in India
a. up b. down c. off d. none of these
10. We used to ————stories about people we saw in the streets.
a. make up b. make off c. make for d. make out11. Which among the following has an =-ies ending' when pluralised?
a. cry b. monkey c. alloy d. prey
12. Which of the following pair is wrong?
a. lion-lioness b. fox-vixen c. deer-doe d. chairman-chairperson
D. 13. Which of the following pair is wrong?
a. leaf-leaves b. wolf-wolves c. child-childs d. glass –glasses
14. I have known David for ——— years.
a. many b. much c. a little d. None of these
15. Do you want to drink ——————?
a. something b. anything c. nothing d. None of these
16. I want —— more bread.
a. some b. any c. two d. None of these
(1 × 4 = 4 weights)
II. Answer eight of the twelve short questions as directed.
17. Convert the following into a complex sentence:
The boy was caught. He had stolen the watch.
18. Convert the following into a simple sentence:
He will win the election. That is certain.
19. Give the basic pattern of the following sentence:
Jane is reading Gulliver's Travels.
20. Combine the sentence using a noun clause:
He is seldom sober. It is a well-known fact.
21. Change the voice:
Someone must have given the instructions.
22. Rewrite the sentence with =it':
That we won the match surprised everyone.
23. Frame a question so as to get the underlined word as an answer:
I met her in the afternoon.
24. Change into comparative:
No student is as strong as David.
25. Add the correct question tag:
Everyone in the auditorium knew the answer, ------------?
26. Rearrange the jumbled words into a meaningful sentence:
Left/David /Berlin /sad /when/ he/ felt/very27. Rewrite the sentence by beginning with =never':
I have never seen her.
28. Rewrite the sentence by replacing the underlined words with an adverb:
He can talk German in a fluent manner. (1 × 8 = 8 weights)
III. Answer any five of the following as directed.
29. Complete the following sentences using the correct form of the tenses:
A: My name is Ronald. I think a room ———(book) in my name.
B: Yes Sir. Here it is. The room number is 999.Do you have any luggage?
A: My luggage ————(bring) to the hotel this evening.
B: The room ————(clean) at the moment. Would you mind waiting for ten minutes?
A: That's fine. I'll wait in the lounge. Can a local newspaper ------------- (send) to my room?
30. Use the correct forms of the words given:
I was (read) a book when I (hear) a knock on the door. (See) nothing, I (go) on reading the book.
31. Rewrite the following sentences with correct prepositions:
1. I suggest that you write ------- ink.
2. Let us sit -------- ther shade of the tree.
3. Pakistan is ------- the west of India.
4. What is the time ------- your watch?
5. I prefer to go ----- train.
6. The birds build their nests ------ trees.
7. Please send it ------- my adress.
8. It is miserable to be sick ------ life.
32. Rewrite the following conversation in indirect speech:
Policeman: What's your name?
Motorcyclist: Jason Cox.
Policeman: Have you got a driving licence?
Motorcyclist: Yes, I have. But I haven't got it on me at present.
33. Correct the following sentences:
a. If you want further informations, please contact our dealers.
b. Mr. Ram who is the principal here is my cousin brother.
c. Lion or lamb - which is most likeable?
d.Yesterday, there was a beautiful song written by Vayalar in the radio.
34. Complete the following sentences using suitable modals:
a. She was not very well. You ———have visited her. (should/must/would)
b. He promised that he—————— go beyond the river. (wouldn't/ shouldn't/ couldn't)
c. He is moody so he ——— be difficult to get on with sometimes. (might/ can/ should)
d. They left at 8. They ————be there by now. (will/ought to/can)35. Rewrite the following passage underlining the determinatives, quantifiers and possessives in it:
Lots of people are coming to my birthday party. All of them are happy fellows. Every year I and my
dad throw up a party. At the party, each friend will have an unforgettable experience - something
which will help them to live through half their lives.
36. Fill up using articles:
I saw ---- accident this morning. ---- car crashed into ---- tree. ---- driver of ---- car wasn't hurt, but --
--- car was badly damaged.
(2 × 5 = 10 weights)
IV. Answer any two of the following questions as directed.
37. Rewrite the following passage providing the correct punctuations:

unlike the ethical teachings of ancient egypt and babylonia indian ethics was philosophical
with the start! in the oldest of the indian writings, vedas, ethics, are an integral aspect of
philosophical and religious speculation about the nature of reality. these writings date from about
1500 bc. they have been described - as the oldest philosophical literature in world. what they say
about how people ought to live may therefore be the first philosophical ethics.
the vedas are in a sense hymns, but the Gods which they refer are not persons but
manifestations of ultimate truth and reality. in the vedic philosophy the basic principle of the
universe, the ultimate reality on which the cosmos exist, is the principle of ritam, which is the word
from which the western notion of right is derived. there is thus a belief in a right moral order
somehow built into the Universe themselves
38. Rewrite the following passage editing the mistakes out.
Like fable the parable also tell a simple story But, whereas fables tends to personify animal
characters often giving same impression as do an animated cartoon the typical parable uses human
agents. Parables generally show fewer interest in the storytelling and more in the analogy they draw
among a particular instance for human behaviour in large. Parable and fable have their roots in
preliterate oral cultures, and both are mean of handing down tradition folk wisdom. Their styles
differ however. Fables tends toward detailed, sharply observed social realism (which eventually lead
to satire), while the simpler narrative surface of parables gives them an mysterious tone and makes
them especially useful to teaching spiritual values.
39. Arrange the given sentences in the proper order:
[Hint: sentence 1 and sentence 10 are in the correct order. The rest of the sentences have to be rerranged so as to give logical sense to the whole passage]
The light has gone out of our lives and there is darkness everywhere and I do not quite know what to
tell you and how to say it. All this has happened. Perhaps I am wrong to say that. And it is difficult
to soften the blow by any advice that I or anyone else can give you. We could think that he was
unnecessary or that he had done his task. Our beloved leader, Bapu as we call him, the Father of our
nation, is no more. We will not run to him for advice and seek solace from him, and that is a terrible
blow not to me only but millions in this country. Nevertheless, we will not see him again as we have
seen him these many years. There was so much for him to do. But now particularly when we are
faced with so many difficulties, his not being with us is a blow most terrible to bear.
(4 × 2 = 8 weights) 
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