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IT6602 Software Architectures 2 Marks and 16 Marks Question Paper

University: Anna University Chennai
Department: B.Tech Information Technology
Subject Name : Software Architectures
Semester : 06 / Sixth / VI
Subject Code : IT6602
Year of Course : III
Type of Study Materials: Question Bank (2 Marks and 16 Marks)
1. Define architectural patterns
2. Why is software architecture important?
3. What makes a “good” architecture?
4. Define architecture business cycle
5. List the System quality attributes
6. What makes a good architectural process?
7. Where do architectures come from?

1. What is System quality attributes
2. List the steps involves in QAW steps
3. Why documenting the quality attributes is importance
4. Define architectural qualities

1. State the term view
2. What is viewpoint
3. Define direct inconsistencies
4. Define refinement inconsistencies
5. Differentiate static and dynamic inconsistencies
6. How RUP helps in developing system?
7. Define scenarios
8. What is meant by Siemens 4 views
9. Define component and connector view type

1. Define architectural styles
2. What is meant by sequential batch styles
3. Differentiate between data flow and control flow
4. Define pipe and filters
5. List the advantages and disadvantages of pipes and filters

1. Write a short note on Need for formal languages
2. What is meant by ACME
3. What is meant by SOA
4. What is meant by Web services
5. Define cloud computing

1. Explain in detail the building of Architecture business cycle by identifying the factors of influence.
2. Explain how the architecture business cycle works, with a neat diagram
3. With the help of a neat block diagram of ABC, explain in detail the different activities which are involved in creating a software architecture
4. Describe the architectural structure of a system
5. Define software architecture. Explain the common software architecture structures
6. Define architectural style. Mention any four commonly used styles
7. What are the qualities of the system? Explain the modifiability general scenario.
8. List all the common software architecture structures. Explain the component connector structure
9. What is an allocation structure as applied to software architectures? Explain the three allocation structures in practice
10. Enumerate and explain in detail the different groups software architecture structures are categorized into with the help of appropriate pictorial descriptions
11. Define the following terms: i)architectural model ii)reference model iii)reference architecture
12. Explain the various process recommendations as used by an architect while developing software architectures
1. What is availability? Explain the general scenario for availability
2. Explain in detail about QAW
3. What are the qualities of the system? Explain the modifiability general scenario
4. What are the qualities that the architecture itself should possess?
5. What is a quality attribute scenario? List the parts of such a scenario. Distinguish between availability scenarios and modifiability scenarios
6. Explain in brief documenting the quality attributes
7. With the help of appropriate diagrams, explain the availability scenario and testability scenario in detail
8. What do you mean by tactics? Explain the availability tactics, with a neat diagram

1. Explain in detail Structures and view and their relationship between architecture
2. Describe in how the architectural documented and representing views
3. Explain in detail the 4+1 View of RUP
4. Explain in detail Siemens 4 views and SEI’s Perspectives and views

1. Explain the fundamental architectural concept and style elements with its benefits
2. Describe the suitable notation for Data flow styles with its types
3. Explain in details any two shared information styles
4. Explain in detail Call and return styles
5. Explain in detail black board architectural styles and Invent based styles
6. Explain any three key word in context

1. Write a short note on Documenting the Views using UML
2. Discuss the Merits and Demerits of using visual languages
3. Write a short note on Need for formal languages
4. Explain in detail Architectural Description Languages
5. Explain in detail ACME
6. Explain in detail SOA and Web services
7. Explain in detail Cloud Computing
8. Explain in detail Adaptive structures

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