Monday, August 15, 2016

IT6601 Mobile Computing 2 Marks with Answers

Anna University Chennai
Department of Information and Technology
Subject Code: IT6601
Semester: Six / VI
Subject Name: Mobile Computing
Two Marks with Answers

1 Define Mobile computing?
2 List the wireless networking standards used in Mobile computing?
3 Differentiate between Mobile Computing and Wireless Networking.
4 List the applications of Mobile Computing
5 Pointout in what way mobile computing is useful to our society?
6 Give the challenges in Wireless Communication.
7 Define MAC Protocol.
8 List the issues of Wireless MAC Protocol
9 Point out the problems faced by devices in Wireless Transmission?
10 What is the use of Ad-Hoc networks?
11 Classify the MAC Protocol.
12 Classify the different types of wireless networks?
13 Distinguish between infrastructure-based network and infrastructure less network.
14 Describe the function of presentation, application and data tier of mobile environment
15 Show the role of a MAC protocol.
16 Classify Hidden Terminal and Exposed Terminal Problem with the help of a diagram.

17 Compose a role which is played by Radio/Infrared signals play in Mobile Computing?

Attachment in PDF => Download here the PDf file of IT6601 Mobile Computing 2 Marks with Answers
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