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IGNOU MBA MCTE-023 Strategic Human Resource Management 2015 Question Paper

Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) Question Paper
Term-End Examination
Time : 3 hours Maximum Marks : 100
Note: (i) There are two Sections, A and B.
(ii) Attempt any three questions from Section A. All questions carry 20 marks each.
(iii) Section B is compulsory for all and carries 40 marks.
1. Why is career planning a critical strategic issue for present day organisations ? Discuss few new
career planning methods adopted by organisations, with illustration.
2. Describe the concept and process of strategic human resource measurement with relevant
3. Explain the concept of strategic human resource management and its relevance in the current
4. Discuss the various aspects of strategic HRM in international context, citing suitable examples.
5. Write an essay on the strategic human resource evaluation.

6. Read the following case carefully and answer the questions given at the end :
All progressive companies have some formal or informal appraising systems for appraising the performance of their employees. Performance Appraisal is defined as any procedure that involves assessing employees' performance against set standards and providing feedback to the employees assessed. The aim is to motivate employees (a) to improve their performance (b) encourage for
better performance above par.
The reasons for performance appraisal are
(1) for salary decisions, rewards and promotion
(2) to review employee's work related behaviour with a view to correcting any deficiencies.
Appraisal should be central to career planning process.
In a pharma company, manufacturing and marketing drugs and medicines, the research staff has developed a number of new products and formulations which are effective. But at the same time it has to meet severe competition from stalwarts with foreign collaboration. Mr Shah, the Vice President Marketing, has a very successful Pharma Marketing background. He has been with the company for the past four years. Mr. Shah had made ambitious plans for capturing a sizeable share of the market in Gujarat State. The company being medium-sized, Mr. Shah had kept his marketing department and the marketing team lean and trim. The field sales staff was given aggressive targets and were virtually pushed to reach the respective targets. The field staff worked to the best of their abilities to complete their respective targets. Mr. Shah had himself been working hard, almost 11 — 12 hours a day. There was no formal appraisal and reward system in the company. During the last
five years more than 60 Medical Representatives and the Area Supervisors had left the company
due to unsatisfactory increments and promotions. Those who left the company were star workers.
But Mr. Shah did not care for this high turnover. He was over-confident that he would be able to
hire freshers and also select candidates who were not happy with their remuneration in their
respective companies. _Mr. Shah had never communicated to the field sales staff about their
performance or reasons for not recognising theiroutstanding performance in a few cases. There
was on the whole a great dissatisfaction and good performers were leaving the company.
(a) What do you perceive is the basic problem in 'Shah' ?
(b) What are the steps you will take serially to correct the situation ?
(c) In the event of your suggesting
Performance Appraisal System :
(i) How will you decide a suitable system of appraisal ?
(ii) Will your system include merit, rewards and promotions ?

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